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    Healbot and BLIZZ's standard raid frame help!


    I have just started healing on my pally and was told to use Healbot while I learn how to get healing. I have been kinda trying do both healbot and regular keybinds, but all of a sudden Blizz's raid frames disappear when i have Healbot active. Is this normal? I am sure it is Healbot, as when I turned it off they came back. Is there a place in Healbot to turn the standard frames back on?

    I hope that makes sense.. melatonin is kicking in faster than I thought!

    Thanks again for you help.

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    There's an option to suppress Blizzard's frames in the Healbot menu, I forget where. Interface -> Addons -> Healbot -> [??? tab] I think
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    Hmm. healbot doesn't even show up in the addons menu in the Interface menu. I will keep looking.

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    Ok. I found it. Not sure how i missed it the first time. Thanks for the help.

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