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    Blood Tanking Trinkets

    Hey, I've been looking around for a bit trying to find some info about tanking trinkets for Blood, but haven't been able to find that much info so now I'm asking here .

    Haven't been playing Death Knight that much, but will start to raid as soon as my guild is ready. So my question is, which trinkets should I aim for before I start raiding? I've been looking on this site:

    guildox.com/go/wr.aspx?title=Blood+Death+Knight+Tank+BiS+Loot&Cla=2048&Art=1&s2=3&Max=25&Gem=3&TF=1&Str=0 .6&Arm=0.7&dps=4&Sta=2.9&bar=0.7&Mr=3&mhit=1.5&Dod=2.6&map=0.6&par=2.6&Exp=1.5&tt15=900&wt 15=900&tt14=700&wt14=700&Ver=7

    Should I get Ghost Iron Dragonling trinket and the Lao-Chin's Liquid Courage trinket? Or should I get Relic of Niuzao?


    If you find something else that I can change, like reforge/gemming, please tell me

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    I prefer my upgraded Lao-Chin to relic for the bosses I want extra stamina for. Don't really trust that I'll get good use of the dodge.

    Are you far from the meta? It feels pretty OP, I get 30-40% uptime on it.

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    i switch them around depending on the fight.. i usually go with Soul Barrier and Fortitude of the Zandalari, or use Lao-Chin for the bosses I want extra stamina for. after the boss is on farm i use dps gear...

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