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    Chat font size resetting every time I reload UI/log out

    Hi, my chat text is very small and I'd like to permanently change it to "16 pt" however whenever I log out or reload the UI, it changes back to the default "14 pt". Don't know what's causing this. I'm using LUI as well, if that might be causing something? Thanks for answers.

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    Oh jesus, I'm stupid. Found it in the LUI settings. Ignore me.

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    hey man, it happens to me aswell, can you tell me how you fixed it ?

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    Yeah, it should save the setting to the LUI options when you change it on the chat tab but it's not at the moment. It's on my "known issues" list already.

    @Fexha: look in the LUI Chat options and change it there rather than using the WoW chat tab options.

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