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    boomkin - practical usage of 64% haste bp?

    Theoretical vs in practice dps.

    I have been thinking about going to the NEXT haste breakpoint, as with ilvl 570 gear I am finding staying only at the 10289 BP is getting harder and harder.

    I have simed that it is a DPS loss to do so... but that is sim patchwork fight. and as a utility oriented boomkin - SoO it is FAR from that.
    I find that very often I am the person that does a lot of the running around tasks that make kills happen, but lowers that players 'performance'. (running across map to CR, soaking pools/rifts, making sure to reveal assassin adds, shifting into bear to soak mines, throw out some heals ect)
    This means that sometimes NG does expire before next eclipse for me.

    Wondering if pushing to the next haste breakpoint would be an in practice dps increase with all the extra movement + allowing better reaction to SS procs.

    my stats would change from to
    Intellect 32051 32145
    Stamina 42669 42669
    Mastery 46.99% 39.30%
    Spell Power 52100 52204
    Spell Hit 14.98% 15.12%
    Crit 42.32% 37.95%
    Haste 49.99% 64.42%

    anyone have thoughts about a *practical* usage of the 64% haste BP?

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    no.. just simply no.
    I ran with it at the start of 5.4 in ToT gear and regardless of the loss of other stats, being over the GCD cap is plain dumb and wasteful. That much haste isn't fun to play.

    The only real practical usage you can get from it is if you're not going to be using any nukes for NG every time.. so if it's spamming dots for 15s (7 targets) every time or maybe hurricane.. but even then, I still don't think it would be very practical.

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    If the fight goes for 1 minute it could be worth using, otherwise no.

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    I've tried haste build at the beginning of ToT and it's not worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glurp View Post
    If the fight goes for 1 minute it could be worth using, otherwise no.
    Not even . 1 minute fight means you have lust like 66% of the time.. starfire would be like .6s cast with dat meta proc :\

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