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    Kor'kron Dark Shaman 10 man PTR 35%

    Hello guys Kor'kron Dark Shamman impossible to us ^^ we try some kites and that's work so well, we dont know if that will be possible on live but, kite sounds alot more possible and some trys we get on 30% but i not recorded ZZZzzZz btw after 30% tank die instantly.

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    Blood Legion was able to kill it so not impossible, it is a bit over-tuned for a normal mode though imo.

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    i Just sad, impossibel right now, PTR is to tuned up bosses. sorry my english is not so good so maybe im not express right.

    And well i watch BL and i think they dont kill, and they just stay on the middle of orgrimmar and do the "right" estrategy and they dont kill, if they killed yet sorry

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    If you stayed and listened they said to wipe it at like 5% because they can go back in and keep pulling it to practice.

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    wow pretty good!!

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    Definitely not impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radio View Post
    Yea, our strategy trivialised the encounter alot =P. The test was 1 AM on a weekday, so all we had show up was 1 alt tank (DK), 1 tank OS (Warr), 4x healers, 4x dps. So we went for a strategy that suited that - tank+healer + 3 ranged dps outside dealing with Storm, adds and fire-zone thing, and 3 healers, 1 melee dps, 1 tank inside dealing with the mist-debuff (stacking dot), elemental walls and poison-lines. Could have done the encounter with 3 healers (2 inside, 1 outside), but eh, didn't have the fifth dps <.<.

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    Wow I really want to watch this but it's going to be so much cooler to just experience it walking in... Must resist...

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    I like the fight, we only got to 60% with an ok group, but I can tell this boss will need some tuning. Maybe more on the mechanics like tornadoes and not the actual dps from the boss. But I think it is doable but for insane groups only right now.

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    We killed it in 2 groups.. wasn't really hard once you figured out the strat, which is obviously seperate your room in 2 and tank them at 2 different places.

    Heroic Morchok anyone?

    And yes, we do wipe on purpose so we can change roster and allow more people to see the fight.

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    WoW Really great this video.

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    When all of the "trivialisations" are fixed* the encounter's going to be a strong one. It's really fun. I enjoyed it a lot.

    - disarming Wavebinder causes the 600k frost bolt to not cast during the disarm duration, likewise disarming Earthbinder causes him to not use his special either
    - standing on steps means you're immune to the storm clouds/tornadoes as they cannot path there
    - the dogs are ... made important/removed entirely
    - proper debuffs are in place

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    I enjoyed it a lot. fights like that with alot of skills you need avoid and well we dont know if they ill fix something but 2 groups remember old stances.

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    I don't see why people think this boss is fun at all? I thought it was pretty dumb.

    All you do is morchok them. Split the two as far apart as possible. For example put the fire guy in a hut, or the back most corner and then run the caster in a circle. The abilities really aren't interesting. Avoid tornado, kill random green globs with no hp, avoid fire and avoid green line if you're melee. It really is as easy as morchok heroic.

    We'll see what happens on the next test when they reduce the playing field. If you're still able to keep the melee guy in a hut, and the caster in the main area, it will be stupid easy. Now on the other hand Nazgrim was pretty interesting and we got a basic strat idea down on what it seems blizzard is going for.

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    I thought that the encounter was cool, but I think that the tuning seems to be off because of the item level that they set everyone at for testing. This encounter is about halfway through the raid, so groups that hit it are likely to be in the 530s average - either heroic groups getting to it early or normal mode groups who have farmed the first few bosses.

    Now this could be deliberate on Blizzard's part, because they know that the people who go to the PTR for testing are a self-selecting group with a higher skill level.

    I'm fairly certain that my group (just getting to heroics in T15) will be in the 530s when we get to this encounter. I'm sure that the 13/13 pros will be higher, what with item upgrades and T15 heroic farming. So something that hits hard and is tough to kill in the PTR testing is probably going to feel like a pushover when you do it live.

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    Not impossible, but HARD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkion81 View Post
    I like the fight, we only got to 60% with an ok group, but I can tell this boss will need some tuning. Maybe more on the mechanics like tornadoes and not the actual dps from the boss. But I think it is doable but for insane groups only right now.
    The really question is, we'll have one small room to fight or we'll can split the bosses. we do some trys just kiting and pretty well, but when we use the both boss in the same room the same position, wow have alot of skill and dmg aswell.

    But just one PTR let's see on live.

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