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    Tidy Plates and unholy

    Hey guys, So I´ve been running with Tidyplates for quite some time now but something that I find ennoying as fuck is when you spread your desieses you can still only get the visual desiese plates on your main target, Unless you target all mobs. Is this something that you can fix in the settings or something? Its the same deal if you target them all you get a timer on your desieses above the mob but if you spread again the timer doesnt increase until you actually target the mob again.

    Someone know how? or maybe to use some other addon?

    Sorry for English, just woke up with Headache:<

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    What exactly do you want it for? Do you want it for PvP application or for PvE? Is it for you to know "haven't pestilenced for 30s" or is it to track "are all targets diseased"?

    From what I know it's a technical limitation of the API to not display the little icons on target unless it was targeted.
    There are "multi dotter" addons out there that track your diseases as bars for all targets afflicted (for example CLC DK does that iirc).

    If it's just as a reminder to Pestilence again every 30ish seconds I'd just get myself a timer bar that starts when I use pestilence. (using WeakAuras or similar)

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    You don't need to physically target them, just mouseover the mobs which you want to see the diseases on, which has the same effect of updating the plate. As said above it does look like a limitation, so this is the best way around it - aside from separate tracking).

    On that note, CLCDK has a handy multi-target dot tracker which I've picked up recently after seeing a post on these forums. Would suggest trying it out, or a custom timer as suggested above.

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    Pve, and Its purpose is like council, as pesti takes a snapshot of my current AP I want to know if all targets get the new desieses with my current AP such as when Feather procs.

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    As far as I know, you have to just swipe your mouse over the group of npcs.

    What would be awesome is if DKDiseases and Tidyplates worked together, to show you the relative strength for all mobs :P One can dream...

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    I've always just moused-over very very quickly, for years. It's never been an issue for me.

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