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    Quote Originally Posted by Goremonger View Post
    Wait a minute he has played since vanilla doesn't that his opinions trump all?
    I played while Hurricane was a balance talent. Bow before my seniority.
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    It's simple, he's feeling the same feeling I feel regarding MoP whether he can correctly explain himself or not. The game just isn't fun, it just isn't. I could elaborate but the amount of times I've already done that on these forums is of a big numerical value.

    This may sound stupid but I'm playing on a Vanilla server completely Blizzlike and I'm enjoying it, weird right? And I've been playing for about a month and still can't get enough of it, Vanilla wasn't bad, you guys are just saying it's bad because most of you never had the joy of playing it therefore you dick on it.
    Hey everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goremonger View Post
    Wait a minute he has played since vanilla doesn't that his opinions trump all?
    I've played all WarCraft games before World of Warcraft even launched. So my opinion must be god-like?

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    I watched about four minutes and got tired of his meandering, unentertaining babble. TL;DW 'This was old and therefore good, that is new and therefore bad.'

    I do wonder, though, about the shift we're seeing in some games coming out towards more sandbox-style gameplay and if that approach is going to bite harder in the more linear gameplay model that WoW touts nowadays. Time will tell, I suppose.

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    Crendor is having a rant, he hits the target a few times but your time would be better spent watching the following video:
    (posted earlier in the thread by Virtua)

    Quote Originally Posted by Virtua View Post
    This video hits the nail on the head regarding the problems of WoW since post-Ulduar WotLK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kcin14 View Post
    I feel like WoWcrendor had some valid points and that Wrath was the closest we came to a perfect Xpack. BC/Vanilla were very hard and inaccessible. In Wrath anyone could get into raiding as long as they put forth a little effort and there were still plenty of guilds that never downed Arthas. Also Wrath had the amazing atmosphere that crendor described and I believe that video games can often cover up bad gameplay with a good story and wrath had that in a lot of cases, it did have dailies and no they were not as mandatory but it was more dungeon grinding in the LFG for rep/badges but it was covered up by the atmosphere of you and your friends working together to get into ICC and finally take down Arthas.
    Regarding dungeons, WotLK was aweful! Couldn't stand to see those "heroic" dungeons after one month as they were so easy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kcin14 View Post
    In MoP/Cata we never had that, In Cata we saw Deathwing in the first patch and then he was MIA until 4.3 and we never really got the motivation to take him down, he never really felt threatening after the initial Cataclysm whereas you could not escape Arthas he was in a couple dungeons and in various quest chains throughout Northrend and other than Ulduar which was a masterpiece everything was buildup to the final battle with him.
    Arthas was the worst presented villain ever. Can you remember Kael'thas, Vashj or Illidan running around, telling us every time how great they are and how easy it would be to kill us? Arthas was a douchebag, capable of nothing, just playing an attention-whore.
    And if you knew about the lore of Deathwing, you would know that he isn't really interested in us lower-beings, so why should he bother meeting us every time he has the chance to?
    Yogg-Saron on the other hands WANTED to be found, WANTED to be heared as it is needed to corrupt you. Deathwind just flies above your head, does one breath and you're dead...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kcin14 View Post
    MoP in my opinion suffers from the same problems that Cata had but worse being that there was no real lore backing to it. We arrive on Pandaria and spend the first patch helping these panda's overcome their feelings and then are left with a ton of dailies in order to get them to like us. Then 5.2 rolls around and we are sent to deal with the Thunderking who once again we never heard of before 5.0, and now we are finally returning to something with some actual lore behind it in SoO and we'll have to see how that turns out.
    Overcome THEIR feelings? You know, WE are the reason why the Sha has been released. It's OUR f*cking fault they are here.
    The Thunder King has already been introduced in 5.0 and how should we know about him if Pandaria was shrouded in mists?
    Finally, I think it was a big mistake to present Garrosh as the main villain before the expansion was launched. Now everyone tried to puzzle the quests, the lore, everything so it would match with the final raid. If no one has known about Garrosh being the final raid boss, how would the community judged patch 5.1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xl House lX View Post
    Man I usually like his videos because he is a good voice actor, but damn his voice was so damn shaky in that video and his "uhhs" made me want to falcon punch my monitor.

    He had some points though. There is absolutely no feeling of exploration in WoW anymore, it simply doesn't exist. Flying mounts are a huge contribution to this, along with the questing mechanics and other things (like overusage of flight masters/paths). There is nothing there to capture your imagination like there used to be, the lore they create is not really known well by the community therefore losing a lot of immersion at the start.

    Basically, immersion is the problem. LFG/LFR/Flying/Scenarios/etc. are all great and convenient, but there is no immersion in it, like it doesn't feel like your in another World, it just feels like your doing what the game commands you to do now.

    These are just my opinions of course, but I am glad I quit.
    The convenience tools were driven by an ever impatient community.
    Pre-LFD I was coming across a gearcore like addon where I could be quickly judged without any notable interaction and simply on some hugely flawed number.
    Where was the immersion in that ?
    Players wanted an easy route to make decisions, players wanted ways to avoid or minimise communication with others they deemed below some artificially inflated standard.
    LFR/LFD was a tool designed to allow players on the rough end of that bias to still participate, and to do so at times which are not "sociably convenient".

    Immersion is a personal experience, and really how much of it is there in the questing when there is more demand than ever to blow through the questing in about 3-4 days played.
    How many players choose to use a full set of heirlooms ? How many players want to fly in pandaria pre-level cap ?
    Immersion is not something that can be forced upon you, it has to be wanted.
    And the community in sufficient numbers did not want it.

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    MoP is doing fine, there's always going to be that one group of people who dislike something either for personal reasons or they're just looking for something to rant about.
    Dailies weren't meant to be fun, they're more like Jobs, and no one ever said you had to do them.

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    WowCrendor is entitled to his own opinion, but the opinion of one person doesn't mean what they say is true. He mentions in the video that he has dropped his subscription "more times than he can count", that alone shows the type of player he is. I've been subscribed since 2005 and haven't cancelled once.

    As a player that's been through it all, I personally think that MoP is the best expansion they've made yet. I DO feel that they went overboard with dailies, but nobody has to do dailies. If you need your valor cap you can run dungeons, LFR, scenarios, or even just do pet battles (via the Pandaria tamer dailies). Heck, you can also just head out to Isle and kill rares for valor. I haven't done a quest besides pet battle quests (and the Darkspear weekly) in weeks, I just run scenarios to cap out because they're quick and involving. More people need to try scenarios, I feel like they're ignored by most of the WoW population.

    And I absolutely love the new talent system. Everyone likes to imagine that the old talent trees offered choice, but they didn't. We had the same amount of choice in vanilla/BC/WotLK/Cata as we do now, because there were still cookie-cutter builds with 1-2 floater talents you could choose from. I think that overall, Blizzard has done an amazing job giving us options this expac. I switch my talents around regularly for both PVE and PVP as a balance druid.

    In a nutshell, MoP isn't a bad expansion. I personally wasn't that big of a fan of WotLK. It wasn't fun running loads of instance lockouts to get geared up for progression. It wasn't fun grinding dungeons all week. MoP gives us a lot of choice and freedom with the game, and I'm happy with the direction it's going.

    Honestly, I hope they add more weekly quests like the Darkspear one where you collect 150 oil/wood/etc. It gives a load of valor, and you don't have to finish it in one day. It's nice to run out there, kill a few commanders, then relax.
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    He sounds like geeky, frightened pencil neck little boy. His shaky mush mouth voice is insanely annoying.

    Having said that, there are several points I agree with. 1) Previous talents were psychologically pleasing 2) Dailies are annoying and the lack of 5 man dungeons and dungeon progression is also.

    WoTLK being the best expansion ever? No way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krixooks View Post
    Crendor is having a rant, he hits the target a few times but your time would be better spent watching the following video:
    (posted earlier in the thread by Virtua)

    This video hits the nail on the head regarding the problems of WoW since post-Ulduar WotLK.
    Virtua has a really awful case of rose tinted goggles but he's much clearer in his points. I tend to disagree on his stance on the convenience of reducing travel times via menus or even his approach to hard modes. But in respect towards the social multiplayer aspect of lfg and lfr he's quite right in that playing with random douchebags in a game of lfg bingo is pretty lame compared to how things were before.
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    He just looked burned out. Not that he is wrong (I prefer the present talent system but I understand the fun behind having something to unlock each level. Maybe a new progression path.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seije View Post
    Agreeing with every single point you made. Some of the choices really do confuse me, and it saddens me that a few people actually prefer fewer choices over many. Doesn't make sense to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristopherHansen View Post
    LOL that is hilarious, sadly that will be WoW in a year or two...
    lol the sad part is, you;re right
    Whenever I start to think the community is turning a corner, tradechat is always there to prove me wrong.

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    You can't change your name on YouTube. Period. YouTube refuses to offer any means to change your YouTube account name. I'm sure plenty of YouTubers would if they could. As an example, Jesse Cox of the channel OMFGCata is no longer with the OMFG network, nor does he cover the Cataclysm beta, for obvious reasons. So he is, and forever will be known as Wowcrendor.
    That actually isn't true. A person that I have been subscribed to for a while now just changed the name of his channel a few weeks ago. I think you just need to contact them about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CosmicGuitars View Post
    I personally think that Mists of Pandaria handles it quite nicely.
    Agreed, I think Mists of Pandaria handles questing perfectly. It's got just the right amount of cinematics and phasing, quirky / vehicle quests, and uses a blend of linear questlines and non-linear quest hub progression. Plus, it rewards exploration and traveling off the beaten path with additional treasures, heirlooms, experience, gold, and of course, lore. Pandaria's leveling content is, without a doubt, the best quest content Blizzard has ever produced.

    I still feel like they have generally done a poor job with their implementation of daily quests, and in terms of max level content I feel like that's the biggest flaw in WoW right now. They still haven't really found a way to make daily quests consistently fun.

    I personally have no problem with them staggering your ability to complete such content by limiting it to daily or even weekly progression, but they need to figure out ways to make it feel like you're actually progressing. Dominance Offensive / Operation Shieldwall is about as close as they've come, and what made that questline so good was the frequent, lore-heavy oneshot quests that popped up every 4,000 rep or so, leading to some epic quests in Dalaran.

    Golden Lotus had many of the same problems as the Molten Front, as well, which is that they back-loaded all the quest variety into the end of the grind. I was really disappointed that they repeated that mistake. The Molten Front could have been incredibly fun, with the emphasis on phasing and building up your own base, unlocking NPCs and getting choices of which hubs to unlock -- however, all of the fun options were reserved for the tail-end of the grind, while the initial steps were extremely linear.

    Golden Lotus, for example, always starts off every day with a bunch of quests at the same quest hub, which gets boring really fast, since you're doing that same set of dailies every day from Neutral to Exalted. And yet, they open up new quest hubs at each level of reputation, and later stages involve randomized hubs and more variable quests -- why didn't they put the variety at the beginning of the grind, so that your initial experience was randomized, and as you completed the daily grind, the questline became more focused on a single goal? That would feel so much less repetitive.

    The talent system is so much better now, in that you get way more unique, active, fun abilities than you ever did. The only thing we lost was the experience of adding points every level, and that has made each individual level up feel a bit less rewarding.

    They need a new carrot on a stick to replace that, and I think they basically just need a new advancement system where you spend a point every level, but the system itself is easily balanced where it basically nets a 10% improvement to character power over the course of leveling. Basically, stuff like "increase int, increase stamina, improve x ability by y %," and so on. Something where all players eventually have all of them, so they don't have to worry about balancing around which choices players made. Throw in a few interesting things here and there, but basically make it less about hard choices and more about binary progression, so it can be balanced.

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    Crendor is right that WotLK was the best of WoW, but not for the reasons he mentioned. He makes a few good points, but gets most things wrong.

    For example, he mentions that he likes the old talent system rather than the new one. He argues that while there's no choice under the old system, there's also no choice under the new. But this is nonsense. The new talent system has successfully eliminated cookie-cutter specs. Where are the cookie-cutter specs now? They're not on Simcraft.

    He argues that it was fun to get rewarded with talent points for leveling, but who cares? Leveling is transient and an unimportant means to get to the endgame. By successfully killing cookie-cutter specs, the talent system is designed for customization, it doesn't matter that it's not rewarding for leveling.

    Next, he talks about world PvP and Wintergrasp. Except Wintergrasp is perhaps the worse, the laggiest, and the most skill-less, zerg-fest world PvP Blizzard has ever made. The best world PvP does not involve any form of PvP system. The best world PvP is spontaneous world PvP, it's simply what happens when you put the two factions close to each other. Like in Isle of Quel'Danas or Blackrock Mountain in Vanilla, or The Molten Front.

    Lastly, he talks about not caring about the lore and lack of exploration. This is the part where he completely fails to articulate what he means. What does it mean that WoW is lacking in exploration? What specifically does Blizzard have to do to make him care about the lore? These questions remain unanswered. He fails to communicate in specifics, and we are left with a vague, wishy-washy sense that he is disappointed, but without any specifics on what exactly is wrong and how exactly it can be fixed.
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    He has lots of subscribers and viewers so this is valuable information.
    On a serious note who is he? Is that the guy that tries to make his voice sound more dramatic when he does videos or does he not do that anymore? I think I saw a couple of his videos when Cata beta was coming around.
    I put as much value in this guy's opinion as I do in that biscuit guy's opinion, which is to say not much if any.

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    I never understood how people that play a game for 8-10 years can complain about it. Let me tell you why. People like him are burnt out of the game. If you eat ice cream everyday for 8-10 years you would complain about ice cream and also say it tasted better back then. I would love to see a positive video from people like him. After all if it wasn't for WoW, he wouldn't even have a Youtube channel. But all I see are QQ videos.

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