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    Sky claw copter

    I just saw the "Sky Claw" Copter in the patch notes here on MMO champion, and though: Is that a new Engineering mount?

    But since we alreaddy got 2 new flying mounts for Engineering in MoP, does anyone know what it is, and how to get it?

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    Hrm, herbalists can use them to pick herbs

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    Well the Skyclaw was around for a while, but they said they couldn't get it to work, so they were going to give engineers something else, and now we have the sky golem.

    Thing is the skyclaw is available on the arena tournament realm, and it works there, i got it showing up in my mount list tonight, so I'm not sure if the skyclaw is still coming aswell as the sky golem.

    Picture of the skyclaw thats available on the tournie realm at the moment.

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