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    [A] Banished-Terenas server

    Hello there!

    Are you looking for a guild that is going to raid, has several people with different opinions and that arent afraid to say what they mean, that greets new folks with open arms? Then look no further!

    Basic info about who we are:
    We were known as Cataclystic of the realm Shattered Halls
    We are a small team of players in many diffrent age groups and life stages, but we want more people to join us.
    We started up back in wrath, and although we are not aiming for worlds first Heroic kills, we still enjoy a challange!

    Currently we have a few raiders that unfortunetly had to leave us due to different real life events and we are therefore interesting in replacing said people.
    But dont feel like you have to fill in there shoes, the only thing we are looking for is people that are just like us, that has stepped down perhaps from hardcore raiding due to having limited time to play, or that feels that raiding is really the only thing they enjoy in the game.

    Our plan:
    We are currently missing all 3 roles, and we are at a standstill right now in raiding.
    Our goal is that with the new patch coming out, that we will start up with flew raiding until we have enough players that can fill in a 10man raid, and go from there. there is no limits!

    Raid times:
    We would like to raid Mondays, wednesday and thursdays from 20:30 and onwards, usually ending at 22:30ish.

    With more people socialicing in the guild, comes more thing to do outside of the raid times, so dont just log on to raid, be a little social, get to know one another and discuss about random subjects or what ever fansies you!
    Like i said eariler, we have different opinions in the guild, but i think that is just healty!

    Who to contact:
    You can contact one of the following players should they be online, or you could send them a mail ingame for a talk:
    Astralgirl, Scram or Zyxchopper

    That is all for now, note that we do not set an age limit, we are looking for mature people yes, but not nessescarily in terms of age, but in how you are as a person.

    All nationalities are of course welcome aslong as you understand/speak english as we use this when we raid

    Hope to see you soon!

    Regards the Banished officer team
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