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    Tips on H Tortos.

    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...3%92ryx/simple
    Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...v/details/175/

    Pretty much I was bottom DPS the entire time, one thing I'm going to change is EB to PE just due to the movement. I found myself having a really low up-time on the bats due to the turtles going down slowly it was also noted that I had rather high damage on the crystals. I tried just throwing FS on them but it didn't seem to do it. Any tips on how to improve will be appreciated.

    Here's some older logs for comparison.

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    I use EB on the fight over PE, there shouldn't be much movement for you outside of stomp considering you have a Warlock who "SHOULD" be COEing the three turtles as they come out basically making them move as they should... slow as a turtle. From there just simply marking focus on the turtles should bring them down in fair time.

    Crystals? Make a target / target last target macro with Purge. Yes, Purge works to get the crystal buff... as does Wind Shear, but considering Purge has no CD it's far more reliable should your buff fall off.

    Your bat damage will probably sway depending how your raid plays the strat. For me personally on Tortos I switch off turtles when bats are out and rip into them with our Fury Warrior + Prot Paladin once MD goes out from the Hunter then swap back to clean up turtles. But your raid lead may not want you to do that and just simply focus on the turtles, in which case that comes down to a matter of having split DPS on them or not. Which as you're aware, split DPS won't help them go down any faster.

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    You're Crystal damage is so high because they tank bats next to crystal and ur chain lightning is cleaving off of it, What i don't understand is on http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...=11083&e=11395 - 5 minute pull you're 4th for bats only doing 9m damg thats the reason why you're damage is so low is because you do like no damage to bats, You're turtle damage looks fine Tortos damage is Extreamily low. You should get Chain Lightning Glyph also, From what i can tell they just have melee cleaving the bats down so if ur job is to kill turtles you should be killing them fast getting on boss Helping on bats as needed, But 9m damage on boss seems really pathetic.
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    Also use S.Rage on each stomp so ur crystal debuff dont fall and i see that u went wolf form alot so ofc u wont be dpsing in wolf form.use weak aura to track the crystal debuff and combine Asendance with spiritwalkers grace if u r not doing that already.

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    take off your goddamn unit plates i swear...big fps boosts if its an issue and 25m. oh and recount.
    time your personal cds (1 min or under) with every stomp)

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