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    no offense but what does that have to do with anything?
    No one wants to come to the aid/defense of fatty patty. She's got like 25% of the hit points of the Sylvanas and half that in backbone.

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    Yes By helping The alliance, She is the Sylvanas of the alliance! why did in not see it before. THEY have all the traits, Both are woman, and both Have lived, and one of them still are alive, and sylvanas is still kind of alive. They are like 100% the same. Beside Moira, went out of her way, even with the chance that the 2 other dwarfs clan would attack Her people ( the iron dwarf) And sylvanas is resurceting people, and killing people with plagues

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    I'm fine with Moira getting character development but now that means Muradin will just be swept aside and forgotten about

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    So basically what they did to Moira? From treated badly by daddy cause she wasn't born a male, to becoming arrogant powerhungry bitch (Arrogance in Cataclysm quests + power hungry bitch during The Shattering where she also held Anduin HOSTAGE in Ironforge ) to Ms Nice Gall in that ONE scenario?
    The story told through the quests makes it clear that her actions when she first took over ironforge were a mistake. she attempted to rule Ironforge the same way she ruled the Dark Irons at Blackrock, who as a people respect power and strength as a valuable quality in leadership and are kept in line by displaying that strength and ruling with an iron-fisted approach.

    the whole reason anduin speaks out to have her saved even AFTER being held hostage is because he can see that her intentions are good. that she just doesnt (or at least didnt at the time) know how to rule a city like Ironforge.

    and if anyone is curious about her possibly being two faced. go take a few minutes and play through the back half of the dwarf starting zone, where her motives are called into question (very similarly to the confusion in this thread) when dark iron agents are found to be behind attacks on the city.

    does she get exposed for duplicity? no. they were a group of dark irons that didnt agree with the new alliance with ironforge and she didnt know anything about it. and when she finds out she traces it to the source and eliminates that dark iron senator herself for bringing more shame to the dark iron name that she was already trying to undo for the sake of her son and his future place as king.

    contrary to most WoW characters, you dont have to be a sappy light hearted hippy or a flawless champion of morality to be a "good guy". just because moira may not be a graduate of the little miss Ironforge Charm school, does not make her a dark or evil character. she isnt now, and she never really was.
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    Honestly, I think that Moira is plotting something serious.

    She intends to earn the trust of the other dwarf clans to later betray them and seize power.

    I hope Magni comes back soon and he achieves stop the evil plan of the Dark Iron dwarves ...

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