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  • I would keep playing and find a new Guild and friends.

    66 44.90%
  • I would get bored playing by myself and quit.

    50 34.01%
  • I'm only playing because my friends play, So I'd quit too.

    31 21.09%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cludo View Post
    Just wondering, If all your Guild members, Real life friends and friends you've met on WoW and chat to frequently suddenly quit WoW would you still have the incentive and passion to keep playing?
    In a past age, I would have kept going. But now I'm at the point where if the people I knew were gone, I'd quit before trying to go and find more people, too jaded at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman-BladesEdge View Post
    there are plenty of other MMOs to waste time on which look better and have more customizations.
    Off topic, But what other MMO interest you at the moment?

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    I'm not sure, A lot of mine have already. My raid team had basically stopped playing at the end of cata and I haven't tried to get into another mainly because I really don't like the atmosphere of hardcore or progression guilds. If I could find another one like my old one then I would give it a try but most of those aren't actually capable of raiding it seems. Plus my old team were all friends with each other so it was never tense it was just always fun times. I'm hoping this flex raiding could open up some opportunities with either a new group that raid casually or part of my old team could get back together and we could get some new people.

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    Yeah, I'd stop. I only really play now when I'm raiding or doing something to prepare for the raid. Dailies 2 days a week for tokens, then 3 raid nights, usually I only log in 3 days a week when I'm raiding, and the only reason I'm even raiding is because it's the same group I raided with in Wrath, if they were to quit playing or stop raiding I'd stop as well.

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    I'm thinking about it. first time in the game warriors are not good at anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cludo View Post
    Off topic, But what other MMO interest you at the moment?
    Off Topic: I've been Enjoying my return to SW:TOR and Rift (since both went Free-2-Play). Though I have purchased the SW:TOR unlocks for my legacy using Cartel Coins. Aion: Ascension has been fun (also having gone Free-2-Play). RaiderZ and Vindictus hold my attention for a few minutes each, but overall are not truly bad games either.

    I am a fan of Fantasy MMORPG, and I started with EQ back in 2003. I was too devoted to make the jump to WoW until TBC launched and a friend gave me a buddy pass. I downloaded it, tried it, and was hooked instantly. I couldn't uninstall EQ fast enough.

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    I have never played with RL friends......

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    They all quit, and so did I.

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    None of the above.

    My RL friends dropped the game in mid-Wrath. So I just sort of hang around and play when nothing more interesting is happening.
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    Now WoW consumes the majority of my free time. If my RL friends quit, I'd keep playing but the amount would be reduced.

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    All my friends left during WotLK and my brother is the only person I still play with, but we have to share a PC so we can't really play at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einherjarn View Post
    I havn't had any friends since TBC
    Sounds sad :3

    OT: I have made ingame WoW friends mostly, they come and go, Nothing biggies.
    idc about guilds to be fair, haven't had any proper guild for a while now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shekora View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    My family quit in early ICC (like, before anything had opened up after Saurfang Jr.) so I've largely been in a guild by myself.

    Most of my friends quit in early Cata (in like 4.0). Thankfully they've come back in 5.2.

    Played by myself just fine without any of them, although I always appreciate the company. I've tried Rift, SWTOR and GW2 in the meantime with both groups of people at different times and always come back to WoW.

    The Secret World is the only other MMO I'd consider leaving WoW for, but freaking GW2 (and then Borderlands 2) killed that group and I've no desire to play THAT game solo.

    GW2 is the game that finally made me start ignoring the hype surrounding new MMO releases.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oneru View Post
    Back in Molten Core in Vanilla, about 20 people up and the rest still being ressed. Cidet, our rogue, goes in stealth and moves up to Ragnaros. About 5 seconds later, Ragnaros aggroes and starts killing all of us again. Everyone is pissed and I whisper Cidet "wtf happened?!". All he replies me is...

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    Already quit because of this reason, my guild dissolved, server abandoned and no friends play the game. I quit.

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    I see friends come and go every expansion i just keep playing meet new people start on a new server is an excellent way

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    I don't have any friends so no.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    I voted "I would keep playing and find a new Guild and friends.", but actually it should be "I play solo, so I don't have a guild nor friends and still play"...

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    I would most likely look for another guild, and 'friends' wouldn't take to long these days.

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    My raiding guild took a break for the winter holidays and I was the only one who came back... I leveled an alt and pugged with her one night. That guild recruited me, so I took the offer. Turns out, that RL was a butt-head... Found out some new IRL friends played and moved to their server. Just a couple weeks later, some of my raiding buddies came back and transferred over to me! We've taken a break from any serious raiding but do have plans to raid seriously next expac (SoO looks super cool, though. I'm trying to convince them that we could easily clear it in Flex-mode.)

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    Well, in my personal situation as mean as it's to say I'm kind of hoping they will quit.

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