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  • I would keep playing and find a new Guild and friends.

    66 44.90%
  • I would get bored playing by myself and quit.

    50 34.01%
  • I'm only playing because my friends play, So I'd quit too.

    31 21.09%
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    I am Murloc! Azutael's Avatar
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    Well that has basically happened in my case already, still I have kept playing. Not as much as before, these days I honestly jsut play every now and then, and barely do anything.

    But I have always been a solitary guy, so I have never cared much about other people. As long as I am having some fun then that's all I need.

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    All my RL friend quit, my guild disband ( after something like 4 or 5 years)

    I got tired after 3 months, running around with nowhere guild, running around doing the world boss and trying to do some LFR.

    I'm taking a long nap, for now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einherjarn View Post
    I havn't had any friends since TBC
    Aww.. *Pats Einherjan*

    OT; Since my server is dead atm and so did my friends then yes I will quit and I already did. However, hoping people might return in 5.4. But incase the server isn't dead and still had people so there would be always a reason to find new friends in WoW and that's what I did in the end of cata/early MoP

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    Already happened.

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    They did, I didn't. I didn't find a new guild or new friends. Mainly b/c I don't care. The friends that quit were ones I know IRL. I'm sure they'll come back with the next expac. If they don' biggie. I'll still play alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cludo View Post
    Just wondering, If all your Guild members, Real life friends and friends you've met on WoW and chat to frequently suddenly quit WoW would you still have the incentive and passion to keep playing?
    I play to raid, not to socialize. That's one of the problems some people have and it's also the core issue of potential dramas.
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    This is the reason I don't currently play - my close friends and husband all quit, and whilst I really enjoyed playing the game for the 5-6 years I was actively raiding, I also like to do things with my husband (who now plays a different game) and I consider MMOs to revolve around their social aspects.

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    4) I would continue to play and not find new friends or guild.

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    No i could care less what those losers do or don't do I would keep playing.
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    I'd probably play for a bit but lose interest because there's no one to join me. I'm currently playing with 2 of my friends and my gf but I'd be bored if they were never online to talk to/play with.

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    Not at all.
    I don't consider people met in-game as real friends. Sure, i help them out, they return the favour, we chat, we joke. Add ID. But as long as i've not shook your hand, i've never met you.

    Given this point of view, i'd make new "friends".

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    If my whole guild just up and quit...I'd probably take a break and make the final decision later on.
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    Been in my current raiding guild(8/13 25H atm) for about 14 months now I think, would probably quit. I have about 8-10 really close/good friends from the guild and they are the reason I still play pretty much, also the GM is really nice.

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    I play WoW because I enjoy it not because other people do. If I stopped enjoying the game i'd quit. If my guild mates all quit I'd continue to play if I were still having fun.

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    If they all flock to another game then sure if its any good. Otherwise nope, WoW4Life.

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    Most of my IRL friends play very rarely these days. Most of my old guildies are scattered across other servers but I keep tabs on them. I chug along doing pet battles and pretty much whatever I feel like when I feel like it. I'm a strong independent WoW player who don't need no guild.

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    I've finally run out of steam and no longer have a desire to play the game, I love playing with other people and I get bored too easily if I have no one to share the experiences with. I do play singleplayer games but I am just more of a people person with no people to play with

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    That actually happened and I didn't.

    AND THEY ALL CAME BACK. Wooo hooo!

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    I've been raiding with the same people for quite some time now, 2 of which I'm quite close to.. If they decided to quit (the 2 people I'm close to), I probably would too for a while.

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    It's happened to me three times over already and I'm still playing haha.

    Though obviously it sucks and is a strong disincentive.
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