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    Is it possible to solo Hour of Twilight and Well of Eternity?

    If it is possible, any tips?

    I am unable to link my armory because I do not have enough posts. If you are interested in looking at my character his name is Gaffgaríon on Sargeras Alliance. He is 499ilvl ret pally.


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    armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...C3%ADon/simple

    ANd.. yeah probably.

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    Let's look at these from a boss-by-boss standpoint.

    End time
    Jaina - Just avoid her freezing rays and blow up the mine she lays then heal.
    Baine - Be ready to jump to different platforms since you're his only target. Gotta be quick or you're floating in lava.
    Sylvanas - If you can't kill the ghouls fast enough, jump over the purple ground at the last possible second, a little damage, but not instant death.
    Tyrande - keep interrupting her moon attack and heal through the last phase. If you're up close, her jagged ground thing doesn't hit you.
    Murozond - Easy, just run him around to avoid the stacking floor traps.

    Well of eternity
    Satyr - Easy
    Azshara - Impossible to solo because of mind control?
    The rest would be easy if you can get past the queen.

    The first boss needs to go to burn phase before he keeps freezing you over and over with no recourse to reach him. Might not be an issue if you can get frozen in the right spot.
    The second (rogue) boss is easy for you if you're not a caster or can keep yourself alive while dealing with the silence.
    Priest is easy, just dodge the balls he puts down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edlarel View Post
    Azshara - Impossible to solo because of mind control?.
    Pretty sure it can't target the tank.
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    Pretty sure it can be soloed with decent ilvl and a class that can heal on demand..
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    Mione did them on his dk at 85, so I'd imagine most classes can do it at 90

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    I was able to solo them at 85 on a warlock, they should be faceroll for any class 90 now.

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    Why instead of asking do you not just give it a go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluorescent0 View Post
    Pretty sure it can't target the tank.
    Yes it can be but it is interruptable.

    @OP, yes, everything is rather easy aswell.

    Soloed all three instances on both my prot paladin and my hunter, my hunter was my second hunter (yes... I got 2...), and it was the one that was only in like 480 gear~, only really had a problem with Baine in End Time, and by problem I mean I died once.
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    Just give it a go and see what happens. I haven't thought about it before but I guess they're all possible. I think the mind control bird does target tank but it's all about interupting it so just have that on CD ready, if not, you're boned.

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    i soloed end time and woe on my warr ( Azshara just stay close to her to interrupt and youll be fine )

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