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    Question Can't change from Heroic 10 to Heroic 25

    I was soloing ICC, starting on normal 25man for the first two bosses, I switched to Heroic 10man after some trouble on the Gunship. When I left to change the difficulty back down to 25man, the raid instance would automatically flag me for the 10man difficulty when I reenter the raid, giving me an error message that I am "already saved to a heroic lockout."
    This doesn't seem like it would be a problem most raiders would encounter, raiders whom would commit to one difficulty a week to clear through, but being able to switch from 10 to 25 (and vice versa) and not Heroic 10 to Heroic 25 seems inconsistent.
    What reasons could this restriction serve and should it be removed?
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    In current content it prevents 25m guilds from dropping down to 10m to make a heroic boss easier. In ICC it's just there to punish you for not being able to handle 25H Lootship I guess.

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