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    10man hc tortos tank question

    Hello. We are on Tortos hc 10man and the question is which tank grabs bats and which Tortos

    Our roster is as it follows:
    tanks:blood-Prot pala
    Heales: drisc-resto druid-resto sham

    So basically considering pala's and dk's mechanics which one should go on which, for best efficiency. Mind that the best output is what i am looking for, not the "easiest" path if there is that option in this case. Didnt phrase it really good but i hope you get the point

    Hoping for some assistance here, please mention the plus/minus of each tank getting the adds or Tortos respectively

    Have made a similar thread for horridon. I apologize if i am getting a bit of a spammer. Thanks beforehand for your assistance guys

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    Ideally a druid or monk but since you don't have these, both the dk or pala should be fine both can keep their shield up with self healing. DK is slighly better at tanking the boss (but not by much over pala) so its really up to what they feel comfortable doing, either will work.

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    DK's have difficulty with snap AoE aggro and don't have great mobility, so if you use him for the bats, have the Hunter MD the bats to make things simpler. He should have no problem tanking them once he's got a hold of them.

    The Paladin can Hammer them and have them in one GCD, but if he's got low avoidance he will have a lot of fun trying to deal with the incoming damage.

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    You have a hunter. An MD barrage should be enough to overcome healin threat and put the bats on to which ever tank you choose. If ou want to play it safer, have the warlock drop a gateway for your healers to use when the bats are coming down.

    Personally, I would say have the paladin tank Tortos and the DK tank the bats because the Paladin can toggle his Righteous Fury to add to DPSing down the bats without risk of ripping them off the DK. The DK cannot do the same though so would not be able to contribute to DPSing down bats if he was tanking Tortos until the bats were likely half dead.

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    we have the same setup.. 2 weeks ago pally tanked the bats with hunter's MD.. but last week our hunter was MIA.. and i ended up tanking bats as he was struggling with initial threat.. i use the outbreak glyph and blood boil spam to get snap aggro.. make sure u have a target macro for bats.. not to mentioned i have a 5 sec stun every 2nd wave as well.. mist likely this week we will continue with me tanking bats as the hunter can now dpsing boss more leading to faster kills.

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    Depends on the build the paladin uses, if he's haste build then if his shield drops off at all he'll get absolutely destroyed by the bats, DK is a much safer option from our experience. Your disc/resto druid shouldn't have much of an issue 2 healing the fight so if the resto shaman has an ele spec it'd be much better to use for this fight, amazing for AoE on bats.

    And as a user above stated the paladin can gain enough aggro on the boss between the start and the first bats spawn that he can turn off Righteous Fury and start helping AoE the bats, glyphed consecration is great for this. Along with Light's Hammer.

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    DK on bats Pala on boss, or just let the pala solotank that works too, but you can also let the DK kite the adds that works to

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    Put pala on boss, DK on adds. Pala can drop RF and dps bats w/o pulling aggro. As for picking the bats up, both classes have the same mechanics, and you do not need mobility to pick them. Mobility is important in the last 5-10% of the fight where ur bat tank might want to kite, which is easy as long as he picks chillbrains, while the paladin doesnt have reliable slow. Also mass grip is usefull in situations where uncontrolled aoe will split the bats(we have this killing our lock from time to time).

    In generall biggest part of tanking adds is understanding the situation(Having Weak aura or similiar addon to keep track how is your shield doing, if it is on less than 100k i suggest you gtfo from bats to have it topped, kiting from left melee to right melee crystal).Also bone shield should be up for almost every bat pack, and since DK's have the biggest HP pool your crystal shield should be so big, that combined with blood shield i feel you should be able to tank the bats like its on normal.)

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