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    I usually run with two DPS (me on my SMF warrior and one friend on his monk, or rogue depending on what he feels like playing) and a shaman healer from guild. We breeze through just about everything with that group. We've had some debate about how necessary it is for the shaman to be healing spec. He's said he might switch to a damage spec and see how that works next run.

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    Hpal, 2xDps
    Most of the time I'm just spamming Denounce though with Prism being enough to keep people alive.

    Sometimes when I'm bored I'll go on my DK alt as 3xDps.

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    I run a brewmaster, windwalker, and my hunter. We go through heroic scenarios super fast, so much damage and aoe.
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    3 dps I think is the most fun. I've run w/ hunters, mages, other rogues, locks & it's always been fine. As long as they aren't bad, but that goes w/o saying.
    I think easiest comp is tank + 2 dps. Healer + 2 dps works fine too though. Tank, dps, healer is ok but much slower.... that's why I like 3 dps - quickest run!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frolk View Post
    blood dk in DPS gear
    Never tried that. Does it really improve your DPS that much ? I play my DK as blood too but only switch the weapon for fallen crusader runeforge.

    IMO Blood DK and BrM moonk are the best "speed" tank for HC scenario. While protpaladin can take with him pure dps with no selfhealing without even watching their life bar. Have no warrior or bear in my friends sooo can't tell for them (and never run a PU group with one).
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    Disc priest+two dps

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    I'm a brewmaster.. I just carry anoyone that tags along With healer I can pull more and AoE though, so I like to have them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ealyssa View Post
    Never tried that. Does it really improve your DPS that much ? I play my DK as blood too but only switch the weapon for fallen crusader runeforge.
    Yep, vengeance + RPPM trinkets + BB = awesome sauce

    My best comp is Blood dk with dps gear (me) and 2 random dps... I don't care which class or spec, I'm going to carry them anyway.
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    3 dps:
    As a feral druid, I just use my PS proc's to heal anyone that isn't at 100% with Healing Touch. It usually ends up being myself though since I aggro just about everything with a RoR proc'd Thrash.

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