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    Limiting the LFR and LFD to Virtual Realm groups

    A lot of people have been complaining about the lack of community and bad behavior due to LFR where people are simply anonymous. Since 5.4. will introduce Virtual Realms, do you think it would be a good idea to limit the groups so that only the people from your virtual realms would be a part of it? This way, there would be some consequences to your actions.

    The downside would be longer queue times (perhaps) and less groups overall especially later on during the reset. This of course depends on how many realms will be on each group and we don't know this yet.

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    they are already limited to battlegroups 90 lvl ones
    and no fucking way I don't wanna wait for damn hours to get into dungeons or raids, they should of even expand it to whole language region

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    This will not change anything. I still will not talk to them.
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    Not if it means a smaller pool of players. I'll go for whatever shortens the queue time for DPS and stand against anything that increases it.

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    I think it should prioritize VR groups, but still be as wide as possible.
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    It will make Queues overall longer. Some virtual realms will be lucky and see a big decrease and others will see a sharp increase. Overall its solves nothing.

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    Why do you people hate LFR so much...

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    Fuck that is all I'm going to say OP limiting stuff is always / most of the time a bad idea. You want Q's longer? Haha cmon no


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    Quote Originally Posted by Baalb View Post
    Why do you people hate LFR so much...
    IKR? People need something easy to hate on its LFR these days.

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    Nobody wants to talk to people and make lifetime friends in LFR. All this "community" and social interaction" talk is getting really annoying.

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    There are many, many threads about LFR and community in General Discussion and elsewhere. This topic would easily fit into any of them.

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