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    Restro buff ideas

    i was think today about the things that they could do to buff restro healing while at the same time not making it insanely op for pvp (which i don't really give a shit about). why would a buff to tidal waves not work, instead of decreasing the cast time of the next GHW/HW it could leave a hot for 20% or more of the amount healed over 6 secs or so and only increase cast time by 20%. This would not make it viable for pvp since you need fast healing surges and not slow big heals. any ideas/thoughts on this idea or any other buffs blizz could give us to solve this problem.

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    My thinking, probably wrong without really working it out. Tacking a Hot onto the end of a GHW or a HW (not so much HW) would just be lost on overheal meaning the net gain in effective healing is going to be pretty much nothing

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    +Make Healing Rain instant cast, and give it two charges, but increase its cooldown to 20 seconds.
    +Allow Riptide a chance to make HW and GHW instant cast, and make HS always crit. HW should also heal the Shaman when it heals a target.
    +Make Telluric Currents a Restoration talent again.
    +Baseline the current Restoration portion of the Conductivity talent, and make it a Restoration only talent.
    +Baseline HTT totem for Restoration, and baseline AG for Enhance and Elemental, and restructure tier 75 talents.

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    Posted this in another thread that got buried under over general 5.4 talk.

    Make chain heal buff the current target if no acceptable target is within range of them on time of cast. This buff would last 4-8 sec and not stack, and when the target walks into range of someone needing heals (ie triggering a smart heal) it would jump as it would have initially. So if you cast on 2 people, they jump and reduce as normal, but the second person is buffed, since there was no 3rd and 4th jump. If it would hit 4 targets on cast no buffs would be applied. I would work similarly to the lightning debuff on Iron Qon.
    Not sure the technical limitations this idea might have but the only issue would be if a second chain is cast, would the 3rd->4th jump buff be overwritten properly bu a 2nd->3rd buff etc.

    Another idea would to make elemental blast be different in the resto spec as the other two, making it a cd that could work similar to swiftmend with riptide. But knowing they wouldn't want to make copies of spells in two classes (hello nature's swiftness... ). it could apply an absorb shield based on the number of charges on earth shield, perhaps at reduced cast time and longer cd, but that would probably be too much for pvp. At very least just swap the damage component to a heal and possible apply or refresh the riptide HoT component. Just seems silly that many hybrid talent have different effects based on spec and elemental blast has no variance beyond which secondary stat you have most of.

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    chain heal and healing rain buff wouldnt help a lot, we need something like HST heal 5 target, or changing elemental blast to something similar to cascade

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