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    Why keep buffing arcane shot?

    Arcane Shot weapon damage increased to 165%, up from 150%. Base damage increased by 21%.

    While im not opposed to receiving buffs, hunters need them to compete in 5.4, I am concerned with the direction blizzard seems to be headed. Arcane shot already costs more focus than our signature shot for survival, which doesnt feel right at all, and now it's looking like we'll be rewarded even more for using a "bad" rotation and spamming more arcane shots.

    I know the "numbers pass" probably hasnt fully happened yet, but why keep buffing arcane shot? This is supposed to be our filler shot we only use when there are no other options and we have focus to dump. If things stay the way they are on the ptr, our signature shots are going to NEED some pretty big buffs to shine over arcane shot.

    I would like to see the focus cost of arcane shot reduced to something like 25 focus and possibly the damage reduced. Then I would also like to see explosive shot's focus cost increased to at least 30 to 35 focus and its damage increased proportionately. The signature shots from the other specs could use some love too. The rotation would feel so bland with all the shots costing similar focus and doing similar damage. Also people who dont use the right shots at the right time wouldnt even see much of a dps loss and this is sad for all of us who tried hard to master our class.

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    It's not a buff just a tooltip change when linking the spell to other classes.

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    1. It's a tooltip fix
    2. There is a thread about this right above yours.

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    please no more of these threads.

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