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    How does inscription make gold ?

    I dont like farming for spirits but if i come across them i do get like a few. My server is quiet but there are some people there that undercut on the AH. JC is heavy undercutting and glyphs rarely sell.

    Darkmoon cards, not too sure on it. Mats seem hefty to me and i made a few and sold but it took ages to sell them. Is it a good path to take?
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    Darkmoon cards... Probably not this late in the expansion.

    The glyph market seems a busy one and needs a high time investment. If you can't handle the gem market then the glyph market isn't for you.

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    Glyph market is not great.
    Darkmoon cards are good early, but now the time investment just isn't worth it.
    Shoulder enchants are good, but you need to be ready to buy cheap and sell high during your servers raiding nights.

    Ultimately, inscription is not great. It's at best the equivalent to BS if you only play buckles.

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    On my Server the 424 ilvl Staves, one is called Rain Poppy Staff, and the other Ghost Iron Staff or something, sell well even though there is a big competition. If you plant Spirits of Harmony at the Tillers then you get enough Spirits for them Staves.

    Or you can just scan the AH from time to time for cheap Herbs and sell Shoulder Enchants.

    And there is Option 3 which is creating the 484 ilvl Accountbound Staff which doesn't make Gold directly but is nice to have for Alts.

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    Inscription is the thing to be in at the beginning of an expansion. You are a bit ater for that, but the profits were very large.
    As for glyphs then you cnat really do it effectively without tsm and there are probably already a few people listing hundreds of glyphs multiple times a day. It cna make you decent money, but its unlikely too this late on. You should also do some research on the herbal shuffle.

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    On a server being very stacked in favor of the opposite faction, inscription sells nada on our AH.

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    Inscription is always bigger at the start of an xpac, but managed well it can be profitable always.

    I sell everything it makes, and have 9 scribes all using their daily CD. People still buy cards and trinkets, just not for as much as they used to - but it's still a profit. Glyphs, shoulder enchants, off hands, staves all sell, I also sell old school decks for twinks, old school offhands, fortune cards etc.

    Making gold from it will depend a lot of your server generally. It's not the easiest market to break into, on most servers there's a pita (and to be fair that's me on my own) who has all the glyphs discovered/learned, who has the supply chain for mats tied up, a bunch of alts for cooldowns, and who has everything neatly worked out and streamlined so they can do things in half the time of everyone else. Working out how to compete with them will be a challenge - use the Undermine Journal to check their posting habits, add them to your friends list so you can see when they log on and off etc. Be creative.

    If you want to start use your daily CD, do all the research you possibly can to keep building up what you have, scan the AH every day to get a feel for prices and see what you can sell at a decent profit, check for cheap mats whenever you can and/or find someone to supply you cheap mats. It's a market that pays off pre-planning and stockpiling, and larger bulk posting. Being able to ride out (or cause) periods of relatively low profitability is necessary, and is thus a bit easier for people with a decent amount of gold to start with so making sure you have some cushion helps.

    Take the time to check out addons, Trade Skill Master and the Consortium Keysender are a scribes best friend.

    I'm not sure exactly what else you want to know.
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    Inscription is only a shadow of the goldmaker it once was, sadly

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    Its very unbalanced, but you cna make so much gold at the beginning of an expansion you should need to bother about it for the rest.

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    Dang im too late then lol
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    Dang im too late then lol
    look at it as being early for the next expac. =)

    if virtual servers work out as planned though, you can expect supply & demand to take a jump, which may open up opportunities for profit.

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    Dang im too late then lol
    You can always think ur early for the next expansion

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    I average 20-30k profits each week, drawing in 40-50k gross through inscription. I do not farm my herbs, I strictly buy them off the AH. I mainly sell the fortune cards and shoulder enchants. Typically I throw out 200-300 cards and 4-8 shoulder enchants a night. Its not amazing money, but I think its pretty good considering I pull that much in with one profession. I bark a few times an hour on a bank alt and that's it. I recently quit because I hit the gold cap, so if your on sen'jin... you can have the market =)

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    Still average 3-5k a day from inscription.

    Glyphs are still good if done correctly, also check out the mysterious fortune card market.

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    I still make decent gold with inscription on my server with shoulder enchants -- the epic ones and blue quality enchants. The ink to make the epic enchants is about 150g per enchant, but I sell them for about 450 gold. The cost to make the blue quality enchants is about 30g, but I sell them for about 150g.

    Also, on my server, scribes seem to have forgotten about the mysterious fortune cards, so I'm the only one making them. They still sell pretty well, but the mats to make them are rare-ish.

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    Darkmoon cards... Probably not this late in the expansion.

    The glyph market seems a busy one and needs a high time investment. If you can't handle the gem market then the glyph market isn't for you.
    Definitely this late. I personally made half of every deck in a few days of it (no saved up Scrolls) and paid 14k to buy the rest, made ~50k profit. Obviously, very server dependent.

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    Depends on your realm, if there is/are someone ruining market you can hardly make some serious gold with it. If not glyph market has very high profit margins, additionally you can also make gold with enchants and boe gear. At my current realm inscription is in a very bad position, people put every glyph at 25g, even its cleared upto 200-300g. So I'm not bothering with glyph market as profit is so low and its ultra time consuming. At my old realm %90 of researched glpyhs were around 300g and I could make 3-5k a day.

    And this has nothing to do with population as glyph market is all about individual pricing.People should understand mechanics of glpyh market, if someone needs a glyph %90 of time she will buy it regardless of price. Some people dont understand people are willing to pay 300g for a glyph because its permanent and you only pay it for once. They think if I sell this for 25g, I can still profit for 10g each and I can sell much more than ~300g priced market so I can make similar profit. It's true that you can sell more but its not that much even if you sell 3x more (and thats really not possible more like 2x at max) you are cutting your profits from 285g to 10g, so its still worse.

    In conclusion, if prices are high at glyph market go for it, it is really far more profitable than dmc or other boe stuff.
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    You can make between 5-10k per day clear profit just from selling glyphs, even on a medium pop realm with several competitors. Though it's important to realise that you'll need to babysit the AH in order to do so, possible if you work from home for example and can alt-tab to cancel/re-list every 20-30 minutes. If you cannot spare the time then Inscription won't make you much. It's also unclear what effect 5.4's virtual realms will have on the AH, so now isn't really the time to jump into anything new feet first.
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    Not on Area 52, unless you sit there babysitting it allllllllllllllday, even then, I doubt even 5k is possible a day. Glyphs are extremely cheap now, and constantly undercut (well, 85% of the time anyways.)

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