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    Dancing Steel Agility giving 1749 and not 1650?

    And yes I am factoring in 5% stats and 5% leather bonus (I'm a feral druid). Its giving 1928 Agility fully buffed or 1749 naked (no HotW or Leatherwearer mod).

    Mostly just found it a curiosity since the tooltip, wowhead and the ptr (which tends to get updated tooltips for hotfixes) all say it should be 1650.

    Wonder if its the same for Strength users.

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    1928 agility is exactly how much it would give you if you have HotW, are you sure you accounted for that correctly?

    Druid / Demon Hunter SimulationCraft Maintainer

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    Yep, that was it, factored out Motw, not hotw and leatherwearing

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