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    [A]Phoenix Silvermoon 9/14HC 25man 3days

    Phoenix is a long standing, close-knit 25 man alliance guild on Silvermoon-eu,
    for raiders that are interested in the end-game content but may not be able to commit to the heavy schedule required of five day+ a week raiding.
    We focus mainly on 25 man heroic content.

    We are ALWAYS looking for exceptional applications even if your class/spec is not listed.

    At the moment we are mainly on the lookout for.
    1 Tank
    1 Healer

    We raid on the following days:
    - Monday 19:30-23:30
    - Thursday 19:30-23:30
    - Sunday 19:30-23:30

    We often have off raids, and run current content 10 mans on Fridays for those interested.

    We require you to have as close to 100% attendance as posible. However, we will always accept that things outside of the game have to sometimes take priority. Should this occur you will be expected to post AWOL on our forum.

    Its expected that you come fully prepared to a raid. This includes knowledge of your class/encounters and the gear you require to maximise your specification.

    We expect you to be able to have fun in raids, and act normal to other people. Remember the guild is bigger than any individual and how you conduct yourself reflects on the guild.

    We operate a DKP system.
    As a trialist you will still get a chance on loot by rolling and should none of our raiders need an item you will receive it without needing any DKP. There are occasions where a current member may pass an item to you even if they need it so we are always fair to those who show commitment.

    We have a queue based system. As a trialist you will be at the top of the queue and take priority invites. However, please be aware that on some heroic progress fights you may have to sit out.

    If the above seems appealing and you wish to submit an application please visit

    Your application will be posted privately for members to comment on and will remain there until your trial is passed.

    Should you submit an application an officer will acknowledge your request via email. Please be aware that a decision will usually take up to a full raid lockout (one week).

    Good luck in your application and should you have any questions feel free to whisper an officer (Pats, Troopcsd, Cajlol, Gulrot or Knockerr). You are welcome to whisper active members as well.
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    Even if your class isn't listed we are always looking for experienced raiders. Please check the website or whisper an officer online.

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    Still looking for ppl to bolster our ranks

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    We dont bite!

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    Oke, i might bite but only when in catform.

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    Iron Qon bites the dust 7/13

    - - - Updated - - -

    shamless bump

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    We could still use more people

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    Still looking for ppl for the summer

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    To the top you go!

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    bump for progress 8/13

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    Updated the classes we need

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    Bump, i want new healer friends!

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    I need new healer friends to keep me alive!

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    9/13 progress update

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