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    WoW model viewer help - Pandaren Females

    Hey yo, first post, please don't eat me ; -;

    I use WMV to get character models for me to edit and render, and I've been doing this for years.
    Long story short, the only race I have issues with are female Pandaren.
    And it's their hair.

    For a start, they're missing a bunch of hair styles;

    I've even dug around the model control, nothing there to do with the missing hairs.

    Also, the coloured portion of the hair is completely missing, as in the model for it is gone entirely, leaving a gaping hole in the model's hair;
    Again, the missing coloured hair is nowhere to be found in the model controls.

    Does anyone know how I can find the missing hairs and get the damn highlights to show up?
    It's bugging me big time that we've yet to get an actual update to WMV in about a year outside of bugged, glitched up Dev-Betas. I'm almost willing to bet the WMV project died but no one's come out and said anything yet -.-

    So yeah, any help here would be highly appreciated.

    ... Aaaaand I can't do IMG codes cus I need to post a few times. So yeah, copypasta them links to see what I mean.
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    It would seem to be down to the WMV not being updated properly. I'm afraid it looks like the project is truly dead, it hasn't been touched in nearly a year and nobody's heard from any of the developers.

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    Is there any hope of someone else picking it up? It's been an amazing Machinima tool for years and it would be a shame to see it just dry up and die.

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    It would help to know what version number you're using, I'm pretty sure there is a version or revision for MoP stuff that was released at the start of the expansion, but I'll have to check to see if mine can do what you're asking before I say anything for sure. Mind you, they haven't changed the splash screen since Cataclysm, so it's still the picture of Deathwing.

    I'd never say that WMV is actually "dead" - it seems there's always someone willing to pick it up and restore basic functionality at the beginning of each expansion, but it definitely doesn't appear to be in active development and there is no support for broken features/models causing the program to crash.
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    I have version - (Chen Stormstout) which I think is the most up to date version.
    Honestly, all I want it someone to fix the hair issues with female Pandaren :c

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    currently all model viewers including wowhead the female pandaren are buggy. i dont know what blizzard done so they would be glitchy where the male pandaren are fully functional.

    you can just paint the gap in with a paint program. bit more complicated in a 3d program

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