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    Alexstrasza, have secksy time, then fly the hell off that island.

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    Pretty easy choices...

    Jaina Proudmoore, so she can portal me out

    Alexstrazsa, so she can turn in her dragon form and fly me home

    Blood Queen Lanathel, so I can ride her back while she's flying me home

    Arthas, so he can turn on Path of Frost and ride with invincible & me on the frozen water

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    Alleria Windrunner hands down.
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    Celestine of the Harvest. She seems to know her way around the wilderness, and she could grow crops! Also, we could hold hands and frolic in the woods! Squee!
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    Sargeras so he could rule everything you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanali View Post
    This would be Jainas response:

    "Oh you want to bang me and then port of? Ok

    Teleports away.
    Could be worse. She could sheep you (or turn you into a variety of other things) first.

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    Mankrik's wife, no doubt.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shekora View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Lorewalker Cho, so I can listen to his stories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harranus View Post
    Sargeras so he could rule everything you know.
    1 He would kill you.
    2 He has not appeared in wow yet so technically isn't a World of Warcraft NPC rather a Warcraft universe NPC

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    My homie Malfurion. He can manipulate the nature. He can soothe animals, get treants to spent some shade or to be our servants and serve us some drinks while we relax on the beach.
    He can also hunt in his cat or seal form so no problem with food there. And if we want to leave we can just fly away. =)

    If not Malfurion I'd go for Mekkatorque. He can invent some pretty cool things to make life on the island bearable. And as a tank he can fend of all dangers.

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    Jaina, portal..duh.
    Thrall, rule the elements, surf home on a piece of earth.
    Any dk, walking on ice

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    Jaina. Mage food, water, heat, boobs, interesting stories and knowledge about magic, portals, etc.

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    Sylvanas. We will have fun together if you know what i mean, hehe...

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    chen stormstout, as I'm sure he'll have plenty of booze to share ! =D

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    I would be most happy with the Lady Sylvanas or Alexstrasza she could turn into a Dragon and fly us away ;o! (give the fact that she could still do such things )

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    Anyone with a lot of knowledge of history.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildspirit View Post
    chen stormstout, as I'm sure he'll have plenty of booze to share ! =D
    Ohh nice one! In the mean time he can tell you all about his journies through Azeroth ^^

    I already posted, but I want to post again because it's fun..!

    Actually I can't come up with an NPC. Perhaps malfurion? Surely he's capable of flying/teleporting/whatever? If that fails, go Alysrazor..!

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    The problem with choices like Jaina or Alexstrasza is that you wouldn't be stranded long enough for anything to happen. You might have a chance of getting an autograph, then bam, you're off the island.

    My obligatory female choice would be Leatei, the Draenei tavern dancer in Shattrath City.

    For hanging out with, Martek the Exiled Awesome. We'll share stories, hunt down animals and challenge them to knife fights, and once we've conquered the island, we'll leave on his motorcycle, which he just remember could fly. Then we'll pick up some ladies and head back to the island.

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    Vereesa Windrunner
    valeera sanguinar

    what can i say i love elves

    also Jaina

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    Garrosh! He will create an empire out of sand for us!

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