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    Mod installing help

    ok so i need some explaining on how to install mods and have them work. i already download winrar. i just have no idea what to do after. any help??

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    Wink Don't worry here are some instructions

    So,first thing's first- you need to install either Forge or Modloader (use this if forge has issues).I recommend using "force update" from the launcher beforehand to make sure that you have a vanilla .minecraft folder.
    Here are the install instructions for them:
    1.Press the Windows key+ R;
    2.Write "%appdata%" and press enter;
    3.From there go to Roaming\.minecraft\bin;
    4.Right click minecraft.jar then select 7-zip>Open archive;
    5.Delete the META-INF folder;
    6.Paste the contents of the forge or modloader zip;
    7.Run Minecraft;

    As for installing the mods,each one has a different way to install that can be found on the post/article of the mod on the site you got it from. For most of them you just need to move(move, not extract) the zip file in .minecraft\mods(do this if you can't find any instructions).Always backup your .minecraft!

    If you need help with a specific mod just PM me or write here.

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    If you're installing Forge for MC 1.6+ you don't want to do what is above.

    Download the Forge installer and follow the directions. Do not open the minecraft jar or alter it in any way.

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    You can try Magic Launcher and import zip/rar files containing mods there.

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    You can also go to skydaz.com and that website has installers that will install you mods for you with the click of a button.

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