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    With all that is going on...

    Where are the Troll's Empires powers in which the Zandarli chose to ally the other tribes into a united empire once more, but we know that didn't work and we destroyed them and took the fight to the first known empire to be around.

    I'm sorry for asking this, but after all is going on and what not I think I need some help on which on where the trolls stand now with all this going on and its like a large impact for most of the trolls.

    Its like where do most of the trolls stand to this day, unlike the Darkspear Tribe who decided not to join the Zandarli's combined might of the once proud troll empires.
    Also to I think it would be great to if we got to see the troll's island of their homeland and get to see all the troll species together on their isle and get to met Zul and even the troll king himself to.
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    The cataclysm destroyed Zandalar (the troll homeland) hence the trolls arrival on pandaria. So there is no real troll kingdom anymore. They allied with the thunderking and have now been defeated. SO bye-bye massive troll empire. The darkspear are the only tribe not either eradicated or scattered.

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