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    ° [A] 13/13H 25 <Eternal Reign> US 36, 16 HOUR RAID WEEK, LF RDPS °

    Eternal Reign finished Heroic Tier 15 25 man with US 40 ranking, and we are looking for more members to farm Throne and progress through Siege of Orgrimmar. Eternal Reign is currently preparing for the launch of 5.4 and would like to add any of the following:

    Ranged DPS -


    Healer -


    Melee DPS -


    Regardless of class, if you think you are exceptional please apply.

    ER has a 16 hour raid week. We do NOT raid more than we advertise. We raid Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6:30-10:30 PST. Very rarely will we stay late (usually only happens once or twice per tier). We're looking for raiders with at least 90% attendance, and the higher the better!

    We've been around since Molten Core, and some of our older members have been playing together since Everquest. The overlying theme of guild management has always remained the same; we take pride in accomplishing a lot in very few hours.

    All of that aside, we have fun. After content is on farm we tend to loosen up, do achievements, rotate healers, etc. Sometimes we do ridiculous strats so people can parse. This helps keep things interesting during farm stretches. Do you have a friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife who plays but doesn't have time to commit to raids? Often times we bring guests to raid during farm, allowing them to soak up loot and enjoy the content. This allows us to give our main raiders a break to enjoy free nights or go play something else. Do you like alts? We also swap mains and often have members play their alts, as long as that role isn't something unnecessary (third tank for example).

    We have people in the guild who love to achieve, and while this isn't for some people, we do all the raid achieves during the tier - either before heroics or during farm. We don't just aim for meta achieves, but other achieves in the same tier such as "Ragnar-O's" and "A Complete Circuit"

    As mentioned above, we're looking for people who are intelligent and talented. We want players who will learn quickly and adapt to difficult encounters. We want players with great awareness and reflexes, and who will learn from their mistakes.

    To apply, please go to and follow the steps listed. Our website has a bunch of information that Bohan (Wakefield) put together for you to read, so do yourself a favor and read it!

    If you have any questions that you would like to ask, please contact the following: Wilwal, Bairdy, or Bohan!
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    Hi from an hour earlier than you've ever seen.

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    I feel I shouldn't have up on the d pad so many times with Captain Falcon in SSBM.

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    refer to blizz forum post

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    Refer to blizz forum post (2).

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    remember when bane bumped the thread that one time? good times

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    remember when sabbie bumped?

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    i used to be one of those people, that was so against wow, and thought everyone that played it was lame. now here i am.

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