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    More connected realms this month

    Source - http://warlordsofdraenorsource.com/m...lms-in-the-us/

    Thursday, February 6:

    • Hydraxis and Terenas
    • Kirin Tor and Steamwheedle Cartel
    • Shattered Halls and Executus/ Kalecgos
    • Thunderlord and Azgalor/Azshara/Destromath
    • Uther and Runetotem

    Thursday, February 13:

    • Alterac Mountains and Balnazzar/Gorgonash/The Forgotten Coast/ Warsong
    • Azjol-Nerub and Khaz Modan
    • Eldre'Thalas and Korialstrasz
    • Farstriders and Silverhand
    • Spinebreaker and Wildhammer

    No dates set in stone, but likely to be at the end of the month:

    • Alexstrasza and Terokkar
    • Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune
    • Exodar and Medivh
    • Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
    • Frostwolf and Vashj
    • Gorefiend and Spinebreaker/Wildhammer
    • Gundrak and Jubei'Thos
    • Mug'thol and Dragonmaw/Akama

    More realms to be connected this month it seems. I kinda feel it would be easier and better for the game if they simply just merged the insanely low-pop realms together.

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    Going off realmpop numbers here,
    Prior to connected realms there were 26 realms out of 246 in the US which had over 100'000 characters. There are now 95 servers you can connect to with over 100'000 characters on them.

    There are 95 Normal PvP realms in the US (BR/LA/OC excluded), 27 have yet to be connected to another realm. Of those 27, 12 are too high population to be connected and 9 will be connected to at least one other realm in the next 3 weeks.

    I don't see why it would be better to 'merge' them. The insanely low-pop realms are gone for the US. There's a few which will be around for up to 6 weeks at this rate, but after that it's all done.

    The only non-high pop, non-connected US PvP normal realms which haven't been mentioned for connection are :
    Burning Legion
    Shattered Hand

    We're already at the point where half the 246 realms in the Americas and Oceanic region are connected to at least one other realm.

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    Gundrak and Jubei'Thos

    the first oceanic connected realms. amg
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