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    GINVS breaks from all damage regardless of spiritshell, ice barrier, you name it... GINVS does not break from Lei Shen's Bouncing Bolt ability.


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    Downside is you can't do any damage. On progression this may be a good option. We also spent a lot of tries to find a way to survive this phase. I personally use the IB + Coldsnap strategy to avoid ionization. I have IB and healthstone during storm + we pop at least one raid CD (depends on setup). This boss can be frustrating during the first tries. But I think this is a boss you just have to repeat over and over again. People have to get used to it and then you will kill him.

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    If you have IB available, you should only be using it to prevent getting an ionisation debuff in the first place. Just pop right before he casts the spell (you'll be in a damage increasing pool at this time) and you won't get the debuff, meaning you don't have to run out of the dps pool at all, don't take any damage at all, and can just un-block soon as he's finished the cast and continue dps again.

    Using it on storm is a waste. The damage IS healable, and the orbs are completely avoidable. GInvis can be very useful to help your healers on storm, but that's all you really need. If you're using IB on storm because you "have" to in order to survive, then you or your raid is doing it wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rnucci69 View Post
    i had bad times yesterday on Jin'Rokh: i didn't get hit by diffusions, but died many times for lightning storm's ticks because i wasn't receiving any heal.
    I don't know about absorbs but my situation was more or less the same during progression. I found that Temporal Shield was better than the Barrier, and even used Healing Potions and as much selfheal from Glyp of Evo as possible while dodging the Diffusions. Ofc it's not optimal dps-wise, rather a "survive at all costs" thinking. Sometimes I can catch a small Light of Dawn or Halo or similar heal as well, ~800k dmg should not be that lethal if you can start the phase on full hp.

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    To start... Greater Invis' 90% dmg reduction is one of the "first" auras applied.. (Therefor, if you get disc bubbled, or whatever, the reduction works towards bubble..) Greater Invis is probably one of our BEST talents, if not spells.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
    I'm using following:
    Iceblock with Glyph

    First storm: Pop Iceblock as soon as he starts casting the storm -> Coldsnap right after you are in block
    Second storm: Pop next Iceblock, should be ready because of Coldsnap
    Third storm: Coldsnap should be ready 1-2seconds after the storm begins -> Coldsnap and Block again

    With this you can sit all three storms in your block and no healer has to have an eye on you
    Why would you waste time not dpsing and sit in ice block? If healers can't keep up to the "light" aoe damage.. then they are in a big suprise for the rest of the raid..

    Back on Ionization..

    I just run out when IO is about to fall out.. GI, save myself dmg.. You can do it to every one.

    I just use IB to ignore it for the first puddle, because we're under lust..

    I'll have to put a jinrok kill on my channel. (just added horridon.. late but whatever ;d)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphamage View Post
    Why do you use Ice block with Cold snap talent on Lightning Storms? This is a huge dps loss cause you just sit in Ice block doing nothing. Is it so hard to just avoid balls and dps on the move? Even if you get hit by a couple you will not die, consume a health stone if necessary or use shield.
    On the other hand, greater invisibility is essential for this fight cause you just have to blink out 3 seconds before Ionization debuff ends and pop Invisibility so you take almost no damage at all. The talents you take hurt your raid dps and healing as well.
    On Topic, I believe that if you have shield on, absorbed damage does not brake Greater Invisibility. In raids, most of the times even with a shield on, the damage you take is high enough to brake the shield and pop you out of Invisibility.
    DPSing during lightning orbs phase and durumu maze phase is the single biggest cause for deaths. Only bad ppl keep dpsing during those phases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    DPSing during lightning orbs phase and durumu maze phase is the single biggest cause for deaths. Only bad ppl keep dpsing during those phases.
    Only bad people die in those phases, although i guess you talk from experience?

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