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    Please take a look at our R Shaman

    Hey Guys,

    i am raiding currently with a R Shaman who i think does quite underperform.

    I KNOW that Shamans are quite weak currently like hpriests but still the numbers he is pressing wth. like he is pulling 60-70k on Heroic Tortos Oo


    Logs over here ;

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    you realize that 60-70k on heroic tortos is actually good considering the mechanics for resto shamans on that fight are completely broken and our mastery has approximately 0 benefit at all. Furthermore everyone is spread out and constantly moving (really bad for shamans).

    furthermore i see from your logs that you are doing normals with fairly strong healers. This will make your shaman even worse. past that everything is in german so i can't help you with style changes and what not.

    Anyway moral of the story is your shaman isn't doing terrible for your group and the encounters. Also are you 7 healing fights? More healers = even worse shaman healing.

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    Shammypie pretty much nailed it, in my opinion, especially with the strong and geared healers on normal content part.

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    Your logs don't have your heroic tortos kill so it's impossible to draw any conclusions on his performance. How many healers did you use? Was it your first kill? Did he drop healing rain in melee to boost their crystal shell shield?

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    I looked quickly over the logs, and I saw some fatal mistakes...

    1) not always using Unleash Elements with Healing Rain - this is a huge throughoutput loss. The extra 30% VASTLY outweights the ~3sec downtime of HR.
    2) Not keeping up Earth Shield - as a shaman, the best thing to do when there is no damage to raid is spam tank with Healing Wave. It gives you a big chance to heal him when he gets hit and also if you have the 4pT15, it will also heal whoever gets hit almost instantly, just like HST.
    3) Low usage of HST. For example, on Iron Qon, he used HST 13 times. The fight lasted for 11 mins 42 secs, so give or take, he should have about 20 casts of HST. This totem does really a lot of healing. For example, if I take a look at our logs, the same fight (albeit heroic), I have 110k hps. I used HST 19 times, with almost the same length of fight (few secs faster). Also, my uptime on Earth Shield was 92%.

    I'd say these are the main problems, with the most critical being the 3rd.

    EDIT: Also, the Glyph of Healing Wave and Cleansing Waters kinda suck. Much better choices are Glyph of Totemic Recall and Glyph of Healing Stream Totem. The first one will give him 14k mana every 30secs (if he can learn how to use HST) + some extra from other totems. The second one is pretty good, especially with 2pT15. You can have the 10% damage reduction on ~8 people (depending on haste), which is pretty valuable.
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