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    The Thunder Forge Quest - HELP!

    How are you guys getting through this Sha boss? I am combat spec and have a 520 ilvl. I am getting through 1 or 2 insanity phases, but I get nailed every time. Any advice? Any special pots / scrolls / glyphs I should be using? Thanks for any help!

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    What I did was everytime he said "Defend yourself" I would just run around in the whole room until the defender came back up. The 'defend yourself' part happened way to often to keep evasion up. Remember to go stand in green pillars of light to get healed. I did this as a 521 ilvl and assassination.

    edit: oh and use the anvils to stop him casting the aoe spell.

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    Avoid white pools on the ground("Sha rain"), go away when he's using "burst" AoE skill, use Anvil when boss casts "Insanity". And also stand in "green beams".

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    I found the adds once you get to the TF room the most annoying part other wise the sha was really simple.

    His meteor attack is easy to avoid if you just run around in circles around him. Sometimes you might need to jump away if you're circling too fast but other wise they're super easy to avoid.

    When he does his cast time shadow nova aoe damage spell just run away out of melee range. You have plenty of time to get out it has a lot of slack on it.

    Biggest thing you gotta look out for is his insanity and immediately go over and click a charged anvil. That ability will kill you pretty fast and do a crap ton of damage if you let it go off at all. Once again you have plenty of time if you leave right away to go click an anvil.

    Also kill the add that spawns right away cause I think it does a lot of damage to your celestial defender. It does some channeled effect towards it and your celestial defender is a straight up gangster in this fight so kill that add asap and protect your buddy.

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    Thanks, that's helpful.

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