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    [PSA][Reddit] The Metrica Province JP Might Get You Banned


    Somehow a lot of people are getting banned when running it, could have to do with them falling down and the game client registering it as teleporting.

    Here's some proof I have found :






    If possible, can someone open a support ticket to A-net for them to investigate this issue, this is quite a serious issue and could result in MANY illegitimate bans (I am currently at work, and unable to).
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    uhm your links are broken.

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    My lines are so potent that in this small segment i made all of the ladies in the first 3 comments pregnant!

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    Do they not have any human representative that looks at these reports? It sounds like their banning system is completely automated. And in this case it's proving really problematic. You'd think that with so many folks getting this that they would have at least somebody doing some investigation.

    Another problem is that their account is terminated so they can't report any of this to ArenaNet.

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    Yep, broken links

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    A bunch of us from our guild ran the puzzle last night - took over 50 people through it, no one is banned.

    Curious though, every one of those "I got banned" posters is a one post wonder on reddit, hmmmm.
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    well posting on reddit with one post could mean different things but you also have to consider the fact that they can't post on the official forums, so they might not have any other recourse (since reddit is about the only other place developers seem to check).

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    Fixed, farggin' rich-text editors assuming they know better than me.

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    ArenaNet replied to that thread. Looks like they fixed the issue (according to him) and are now looking to resolve those banned accounts.

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