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    Quote Originally Posted by bluspacecow View Post
    So what does this mean ? We will have Virtual Realms as well as CRZ ?

    So CRZ isn't going away ?
    Blizzard is loathe to remove something that was intentionally hidden from players until its introduction. Face it, we are stuck with the monstrosity for as long as this game lasts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    Wow that str cloak will be BIS even at level 100
    Two words, my friend: Gear reset. The only time this hasn't happened was in Wrath of the Lich King, when Blizzard responded to player complaints about their T3 stuff from old WoW being immediately replaced by Burning Crusade quest greens (see comic). However, Blizzard apparently didn't like players being able to do Naxxramas in their T6 / Sunwell gear.

    So now we get inflated health/mana pools, stats... you name it. It wouldn't surprise me if tanks in the next expansion can easily reach 1 million hp, DPS dealing 300k, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alayea View Post
    Blizzard is loathe to remove something that was intentionally hidden from players until it's introduction. Face it, we are stuck with the monstrosity for as long as this game lasts.
    Why exactly is CRZ a monstrosity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzyy View Post
    Why exactly is CRZ a monstrosity?
    Because people don't like getting ganked or competing for resources. Therefore, anything that might make the world more populated is game breaking and a 'monstrosity'

    I typically don't have any aversions to the set artwork, but the Warrior 16 is way too busy and very sloppy looking. I was hoping for a set that'd prompt me to move on from my current transmog setup... this is certainly not it.

    Aside from the artwork, this patch is shaping up to be an impressive final (major) patch. Pending PvP announcement has me excited.
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    Those trinkets finallly something new

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    Priest Tier 16 is so ugly it must be sponsored by the transmogrifiers' trade union.

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    The pvp priest set is pretty bad ass. The rest of the sets I've seen look kinda lazy especially for a final tier. The trinkets on the other hand look like they will be fun to play around with. I am looking forward to this patch coming out I think it will be a good one.

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    Great, months of work for a cloak, thanks blizz!

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    lol @ that sky mount. id love to see druids lose their unique ability to pick herbs in flight form. they can still loot other shit but its nice putting all toons on equal ground for once.

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    I very much like the male+female versions of the tier being presented in the one set.

    Two of one gender lets you see colour differences, one of the other gender lets you see the gender differences.

    Much better approach than three different human males - that approach didn't really tell me how the tier will look on my (predominantly female & all non-human) toons.

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    Me so horny!

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    With Flurry of Xuen, first thing that comes to mind is that what about a fight where you have to move or the boss/adds move constantly, meaning you arnt facing them, makes it useless!

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    I wonder if those extra items like "Endurance of Niuzao - The Endurance of Niuzao fully absorbs the damage of one attack that would normally kill you. This effect has a 60 sec cooldown." would be useable as dps. If yes, imagine whole raid using that exact legendary bonus = no random deaths during progress, hell you could even dodge an instakill ability like big bang at Algalon.
    You probably wouldn't even lose that much dps because using damage mitigating cooldowns usually uses a global cooldown which you could now use for dealing damage.

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    Storm crow mount? Interesting.

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    So would Kjc be a passive? a buff? How long will it last?

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    Warrior Tier 16 side view = glowing penis

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    Predatory Swiftness no longer works with Cyclone.
    You can simply not do this! It'll break Feral totally, and especially the game-play. Literally. Stop freaking breaking the classes, and their abilities, it's just stupid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElfinHilon10 View Post
    Hm interesting. A trinket set bonus now? Will we FINALLY see human's no longer be mandatory for pvp?
    Now being horde races will probably be more mandatory for blood fury and etc. yay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boottybounce View Post
    So would Kjc be a passive? a buff? How long will it last?

    kjc is now a passive towards just the shadowbolt modifier spell (incinerate, mg, shadowbolt) with no penalty.

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