View Poll Results: What is your favourite playable race in WoW?

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  • Blood Elf

    34 13.23%
  • Draenei

    19 7.39%
  • Dwarf

    13 5.06%
  • Gnome

    6 2.33%
  • Goblin

    14 5.45%
  • Human

    15 5.84%
  • Night Elf

    14 5.45%
  • Orc

    27 10.51%
  • Pandaren

    18 7.00%
  • Tauren

    20 7.78%
  • Troll

    17 6.61%
  • Undead

    26 10.12%
  • Worgen

    11 4.28%
  • Like more than one equally

    20 7.78%
  • Hard to decide

    3 1.17%
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    I predict blood elves will win.

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    I like many equally, I like worgens, trolls, and taurens. Oh and night elves

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    I like to many! it's really hard to decide!

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    I have always loved humans but I like the lore behind Night elves and a little bit behind draenei .
    So its going to have to go:
    1) Humans
    2) Night Elves
    3) Draenei
    But we all can see Blood Elves will win this. xD

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    I've played quite a few races now over the years but nothing's really clicked with me as much as my little zombie lady.
    Lore, Animations, Voice-Acting - Everything just seems right to me.

    Close second is the Blood Elves.

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    Orcs in the Horde (But i play female mostly, because mail got hunch)

    Humans in Alliance

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    Orc for horde, Humans for Alliance

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    I'll give my full rankings. I'm ranking Male races since I don't play female characters.

    1: Orc - I've always been a sucker for huge shoulder models. They can pull that one off. Their animations work nicely and the model is sharp. They are the cornerstone of the horde, and a race I love. Everything about them is just great, and looks to get even better with new models on the horizon.
    2: Gnome - They are my favorite alliance race. They have great caster animations, and the way they stand around has a nice upbeat feel that makes me enjoy them. As long as I turn off show helmet (due to their huge heads), they wear gear in a very awesome way too.
    3: Dwarf - I love their compressed look when it comes to the way they wear gear, and their running animations are so comedically excellent. I love them.
    4: Tauren - When I first started playing them, they were my favorite. They've fallen down on the list a bit due to the awkwardness of how they wear gear and helmets and such, but I still do love them.
    5: Blood Elf - Sometimes when I'm playing Horde, it's nice to have a humanoid model kicking around. They have such a nice majestic look and wear gear nicely. They have pretty solid casting animations too, and I wish they weren't so looked down upon by WoW players.
    6: Human - Good ol' classic human. They have a really awkward model, but I still find myself with human characters every now and then due to their averageness.
    7: Undead - I love the model, hate the bones sticking out. I could never really find myself playing an undead character, despite their awesome animations.
    8: Troll - I like the idea of a troll, and love their personalities. The model is to flanky and awkward for me to play though, and I don't like the way gear look on them. Hopefully they are one of the biggest beneficiaries of the new models. I could see their stock rising lots if they end up a bit less awkward.
    9: Worgen - They have a really cool gimmick and a really cool look. Their casting animations are outrageously horrid though, and melee worgen just never felt right to me.
    10: Night Elf - The model is actually pretty nice, but I have an unjustified dislike for everything night elf. I don't know why, I just do.
    11: Goblin - I like Goblins, I really do. Their model though is just way to disproportionate for me to be able to play. I can't stand their animations and their huge hands and ears. Pass for me.
    12: Dranei - I never liked them, I don't know why. Their animations are weird, their model is weird, and the tail gets in the way of cloaks making it so you basically can't wear a cloak if you want to look presentable.
    13: Pandaren - Oddly enough, I was super excited for Pandaren until I saw their model. They went too far into the comedically overweight zone for me to enjoy them. As any melee class it seems weird as hell, and they look super ugly in robes. Plus their shoulders are weird and I dislike their animations. The only class I would ever consider makign Pandaren would be monk, but even that is more likely to go Orc or something.

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    I like more than just one.
    Horde: Undead, Blood elves and Trolls // Alliance: Draenei, Night elves and Gnomes.
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    ally: human & dwarves
    Horde: Orc & Undead
    I think panda's are utterly ugly and don't fit in to much ....

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    The Tauren and the Night Elves are my favorites of the bunch.

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    Blood Elves get my vote:

    Great lore,great looks in the art works and in the game.

    Cool attitude,not just the typical elf like the High Elves are.

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    Blood elves. I all ways pick them. I do have a lot of 2nd place races I like, but that's another thread.

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    They look awesome with their broad shoulders which makes gear look great, their bad ass beards. I also like their accent for whatever reason, makes them stand out more from the other races who tend to have generic accents. I also love the aesthetics of the race in that they're rather jolly and light hearted for the most part in their every day life.

    I love their architecture and the runic style that in incorporates. I also love mountainous sceneries which is where the Bronzebeards love to hide underground.

    I also love their lore and how the way the three clans interact with each other. Moira's brought a lot to the table with Dwaves and I really like her for it. She's brought an element of grey story telling that wasn't entirely there before due to her shady politics. Her actions also created a situation where all three clans came under one roof and as of 5.3 are now putting their grudges aside for the best.

    Joint second for me would be Humans and Blood Elves who both have lots of great back story featuring a diversity in characters and grey moments that flesh them out in a great way.

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    I always like to choose my race depending on my class/spec.

    melee: hard one, probably human female (because of the weapons getting like, huge when you pull them out and the melee animation is ok)
    caster: gnome (i like their casting animation for some reason, and there movement feels nice)

    melee: Orc, easy. (big shoulder armor, nice melee animations)
    caster: undead, also easy. (casting animation just feels the best of all characters in wow to me)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rathie View Post
    I have always loved humans but I like the lore behind Night elves and a little bit behind draenei .
    So its going to have to go:
    1) Humans
    2) Night Elves
    3) Draenei
    But we all can see Blood Elves will win this. xD
    GO ORCs crush them sissy elves!

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    Its very close but I guess Belfs would win this or have for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiffymonkey View Post
    FOR KHAZ MODAN! Who could say no to a dwarf eh? Beer...hammers, axes, XD
    This. Dwarf is my favorite race in pretty much any fantasy setting. Tauren would be a very close second (and one option from the horde side).

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    I've said I'd be fine if Illidan's eternal soul was forced to lose tedious board games for all of eternity if we could have Cairne back, but I would consider letting Cairne stay dead if we could undo the horrible "everything must be equal" shit they pulled when they turned Magni to stone. (Better bring that back some time, Blizz)

    Also, nerdy note... I never noticed that the tauren intro was the only one to mention the new classes it brought with Cataclysm. I can see why, other than maybe the night elves and gnomes being significant, but that's strange. Maybe I should've done more questing in the revamped zones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unoriginal View Post
    what if SEARING WOLVES? The possibilities?!!?

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    Ally: Filthy Humans
    Hordy: Taurae

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