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    Tier armor vs pvp armor

    So I was looking at some of the new armor sets and then I noticed something and started to wonder.. Is it just me or does it look like they're lately putting more effort into making the pvp sets than the tier sets?

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    This thread appears on the pvp subforum and on AJ every time there's a new tier/season, only switch pvp with tier.

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    PvP sets in 5.4 the best WoW has ever had imo.

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    Yup, the recent PVP sets, for this expansion and cataclysm, have much more detail put into them than the recent tiers, they also fit the class without trying to fit into a theme within a patch.

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    It is a subjective thing, but I think most PvP sets look better than the tier sets in general regardless of the expansion.

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    To be honest both the PvP and tier sets since Cata have looked like garbage IMO.

    There's one or two redeeming ones, but the rest is.... ugh..

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    For the first time since they made Tier gear and PvP gear palette swaps of one another... I think the PvP gear is far better in appearance than PvE.

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    Just because you like one more than the other doesn't mean more work went into it.
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    I can't tell whether there is more work put into one or the other, but I have been liking the PvP sets far more for quite some time now.

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