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    The detail is impressive, the design however is not...

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    It looks like it belongs on a druid. Definitely a bird. WTB angelic and lights, animated priest like. Someone needs to fire their design crew.

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    Not surprised by now. They really need to hire designers! It's quite important with good looks.

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    Seems more like an issue with SoO tier looking terrible rather than just the priest one - reminds me a bit of the TotC gear (which is still better than T16 I've seen so far). Dreading how rubbish the Druid tier 16 is gonna look.

    But yeah, yesterday I was like OMG so glad I finished levelled my priest alt today cause that T16 is amazing... and then I saw it was actually S14 (which I'm never going to get), and today I've seen the T16 looks like crap in comparison. /sigh

    Oh well, at least some of the old Priest tiers are gorgous and we have transmog...

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    And here I was thinking that t15 was bad (plain and boring) and yet Blizz managed to make even worse set :< This thing is hideous not to mention not even remotely connected to priest. I'd say that this looks like Stargate armor from Ra's soldiers.

    How did they managed to create such a beautiful pvp set and such a garbage pve (I thought it was the other way around till now).

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    It's basically just a dumbed down version of the druid t6, which was actually pretty cute. This, however, is everything but.
    I love the logic behind Blizz; Priests like wings > wings = birds > lets give priests feathers. What.
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    Well I know I'll be getting the pvp set instead .. looks muuuuch better omg.
    didnt have any hopes for t16 looks so I'm not disappointed because I expected it to look like crap the only good thing about this tier set is that its better than the previous 2..

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    A bit too "rustic" for a Priest, but it's not that bad. The main problem is that it's too poor in animations: no light effects?! :/

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    Druid set. Thank god for CM gear.

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