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    Primordius Heroic(10)

    Looking to get some information on this fight, at the moment our raid makeup will be something like:

    Prot Paladin
    Blood DK
    2x Resto Druid
    Disc priest
    Destro Lock
    Shadow Priest
    2x Assasination Rogue
    BM/surv hunter

    then the last space will be either a fire mage or another survival hunter.

    My initial idea was to have the boss tanked in the middle and assign dps to clear the 10 lanes to mutate the rogues early to tunnel the boss, with the hunter following up. Shadow priest would be on horror dpsing duty and we would be looking to start kiting primordius in a circle after the 3rd horror. Should we have our lock focus red blobs all the time or is RoF enough. Any other things we aught to be changing around?

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    We just start kiting him around the room once the second Viscous Horror spawns; everyone gets their mutations on their own at the beginning and afterwards we have the shadow priest and myself killing grouped up adds for everyone to grab.

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    Killed it in about 3 pulls, hard boss >.<

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    Have the tank who has the big adds on him tank them right behind the boss where all of the small adds start grouping up to follow the boss around. Then have your lock aoe cleave off of his add. One lock with a few multi-dotters (your priest) can easily take down the big add as well as spawn a crapload of pools for everyone's second round of mutation. Just have everyone get their own buffs the first time around.

    The tank debuff from primordius allows tanks to do a crapload of dps to the big and small blobs and the tank debuff from the add lets tanks do a crapload of dps to the boss.

    Lust a few seconds after everyone has full mutations

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    Yeah the reason why you never have threads on this boss is because everyone 3 shots it

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