View Poll Results: What was the greatest 5-man Era?

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  • Burning Crusade Heroics

    431 46.70%
  • BC Heroic Magister's Terrace

    60 6.50%
  • WOTLK Heroics

    137 14.84%
  • WOTLK Icecrown Heroics

    109 11.81%
  • Cataclysm Heroics

    153 16.58%
  • Cataclysm End Time Heroics

    20 2.17%
  • MoP Heroics

    13 1.41%
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    BRD is the most epic, well designed instance I ever had the pleasure of completely running. The whole instance looks amazing, feels amazing, and the place is so..huge. I have never felt like I had more of an adventure in the whole game than when I ran that place completely through at-level in early WOTLK before they nerfed the crap out of it (and before LFD). The wipes, the runs back, the epic moments of narrow escape. It was probably better that I was the tank and I was leveling with a healer friends, but besides that...

    I really wish I would have played in Vanilla :/

    My most fun PvE experiences would definitely have to be the first few months of WOTLK. Culling of Stratholme was actually what made me buy WC3. Around the time LFD came out I think I progressively got more and more bored with them. I wasn't drawn to Cata heroics at all, and I'm not feeling MoP either.

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    BC Heroics.

    Purely for the fact that I was a noob back then and didnt raid past SSC. Having heroics that were spammable for better gear (Badge epics yo!) gave them a nice incentive to keep running them, even if that badge gear took forever to get. I believe the Sunwell badge gear were around 150(?) badges. Was a long way back and my memory sucks, so I may be wrong.

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    Early Cataclysm, before they were nerfed to high hell. Dungeons haven't been even remotely fun since then. Well, Challenge Mode is still a lot of fun but still missing the key elements I really enjoyed in Dungeons.

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    I liked the TBC ones. Granted, I started in TBC so I may have some bias, but they taught me how to play my class and the game properly before going into raiding which today's heroics don't do. They were fairly boring asthetically, Wrath and MoP had better 'looking' ones mayhap, but as far as encounter go, I'm glad I had that experience.

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    Early cata was greta. ZG and ZA were boring for anyone who did them as raids but they were pretty challenging at the start.

    Early cata and 4.1 were also before they made the CC change so CCing packs actually took coordination.

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    I really liked the early cataclysm heroics a lot. Great designed and good difficulty.

    A lot of TBC heroics were poorly designed and while hard numbers wise, were still fairly easy if you just had a coordinated CC effort. Different kind of skill, lots of kiting and CC. Cataclysm had a lot more interrupts, stuns and mechanics to deal with on bosses. TBC was basically OMG this mob hits really hard with simple boss mechanics. I prefer Cataclysm, the early ones anyway before they gutted them.

    Been playing since the game launched.

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    I will have to vote BC heroics. They took coordination and were actually fun. Heroic's now aren't even serious "content" in my opinion. Anyone can faceroll through them in a matter of minutes.

    The challenge mode heroics now are about as difficult as BC heroics were. The difference is there wasn't much "prestige" in doing BC heroics because everyone saw that as the bottom of Pve content. Kind of goes to show how much the game has changed in terms of things being "difficult" for the average player.

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    I like the Wrath ones. Very nice lore, and very nice surroundings. Coupled with Glory of the Hero pre-nerf it was massive fun!
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    How about Grom's spirit returns to strike the final blow but slips on a goblin oil slick and accidentally decapitates a passing Cenarius.

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    icc heroics

    bc heroics were tedious at best
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    I'm still waiting on someone to tell me where all these people that suddenly care about Warrior balance were during Cataclysm when they were blow up dolls with plate armor on.
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    Stop complaining to solve your lack of ability, and start reading and practicing to gain ability. Stop trying to bring people down to your level instead of striving to raise yours.

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    I voted for Burning Crusade<3

    Many thanks to Gamelol for the signature.

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    TBC heroics ofc. It was challenging, not like "yaaaaawn" as it is now. Cata heroics was 2nd best until Blizzard nerfs them - I used to heal there with my paladin - was pretty challenging also.

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    How is this even debatable... TLK heorics where ez-mode. Cata OG heorics where ok, nerf'd to ez-mode. MoP is more of the same ez-mode. Only two that are even viable for the best 5man era are vanilla and TBC, but it should be pretty unanimous to TBC.

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    The bolded part just makes you a douche. Didn't read anything beyond that.
    Maybe but he's right , only wrath baby's will vote for wrath which of course makes sense since they didn't experience the superior dungeons of TBC / vanilla.

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    Maybe but he's right , only wrath baby's will vote for wrath which of course makes sense since they didn't experience the superior dungeons of TBC / vanilla.
    Subjective opinions. I hated the entire BC story line and graphics. Thought it was dull and boring, thus making the dungeons dull and boring aswell. Not everyone liked the things you liked and not everyone hated the things you hated. Simple as that.
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    I liked Everything from launch WOTLK, since they weren't too punishing if you weren't geared but you still needed some CC. By the end you could just rush them so it didn't get too boring since now you overgeared them.

    Basically i enjoyed WOTLK all the way through to Cata End Time. MoP Heroics I wouldn't even consider a Heroic Dungeon. It's like crossing a Normal 5 man for 90's with a quest with you clicking on stuff. Even Scenarios seem more punishing.

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    Wrath was the best in terms of actually serving a purpose....they were low-medium difficulty in fresh 80 gear at launch and was the stepping stone to Naxx. At the end of the expansion you spammed them (braindead easy now with the inflated gear levels) to get the points to buy the 245 gear that let you get into ICC.

    Cataclysm was the best in terms of fun for me...perfect balance of not too easy, not too difficult.

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    Definitely Icecrown Heroics. I loved tanking Halls of Reflection with my warri.

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    wotlk was the best imo. go in, fuck around a bit, leave. simple, easy, and perfect. a game shouldn't be frustrating, it should be something you do to chill, and that's what wrath heroics were.

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    As predicted when reading the title, this quickly turned into a flamefest.

    Guys..none of us has facts. A thread like this is only about opinions and taste. Everybody likes different things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mcstunner View Post
    wotlk was the best imo. go in, fuck around a bit, leave. simple, easy, and perfect. a game shouldn't be frustrating, it should be something you do to chill, and that's what wrath heroics were.
    Been raiding since 2005 and oing 5 mans since 2005 and if I am brutally honest to myself, this is exactly how I see it. They also gave me the chance to explore them easily on healers and tanks as well as dps.

    I quickly avoided 5 mans in Classic and in TBC they became a plaque. Did them because you literally were forced to do them as a pre-req for raidng, but they were such painful wipefests for a long time. And that pain returned somewhat at the start of Cata.

    Yes, some of you here might claim that Cklassic, TBC and Cata are easy for anyone with half a braincell, which is probably what Method would tell you about hardmode raiding. The forums were awash with pain about the increased difficulty of Cata heroic 5 mans. So there you have it...we all don't have even half a braincell.
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    Vanilla in my personal opinion because the 5m's back then required just as much group effort as the heroic raids of today.
    Of course the downside to that was that groups were not nearly as flexible because certain classes were seen as required.

    Oh and due to the harsh 5m environment all the shitty players flooded to pvp before joining a crap guild with pvp gear and struggled to find guilds to raid with.
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    I suppose it's a strong competition between cata and vanilla for me. ZA/ZG 5 mans were cool (although I liked the 20 mans better). I think the hour of twilight dungeons at the end of cata were some of the best they have made. Vanilla had some classics though like Scarlet Monastery, Shadowfang Keep, Blackrock Spire, Scholo/Strat, and lest we forget the great Sunken Temple.

    I liked the raids more in BC. LK well.. there were a lot of dungeons but they weren't memorable to me. I remember LK more for the over arching storyline and the pleasing zones/music.

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