View Poll Results: What was the greatest 5-man Era?

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  • Burning Crusade Heroics

    431 46.70%
  • BC Heroic Magister's Terrace

    60 6.50%
  • WOTLK Heroics

    137 14.84%
  • WOTLK Icecrown Heroics

    109 11.81%
  • Cataclysm Heroics

    153 16.58%
  • Cataclysm End Time Heroics

    20 2.17%
  • MoP Heroics

    13 1.41%
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    I still think Classic wow had some of the best instances... they had a more "dungeon" like feeling.
    Mists have some of the most forgettable 5 man content yet imo...

    I'ave always been a huge fan of 5 man content in Wow, it's such a good way to spend time with some friends in the game, without destroying your social life.
    You also rely more on you co-players, and nicely tuned instances can be a good challenge, and lots of fun.

    Wotlk certainly had some of the worst ever made like Oculus, but generally i think they where ok'ish. Some of them got really annoying after several visits like The Violet Hold or Strat.

    Cata was ok, but there was too much re-using old content.

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    I would of voted vanilla 5 mans, but with the options, TBC by far, followed by the start of Cata.

    I really can't believe anyone votes WotLK 5 mans or MoPs, they are just boring faceroll from the very start. But I guess not everyone played pre WotLK, so that explains that.

    WotLK 5 mans were also pretty pointless, my guild cleared all the raids starting in t6 gear, ofc we had some 5 man gear.
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    TBC heroics with fast but not idiotic "ogogogogogogogogohogo" players. Sure was nice that you had to pick the group, so idiots could be more better ruled out. Then they whispered after an hour "u got room still our grp was shit"..

    Nowadays these newcomers or outright idiots learn absolutely nothing while running lfd heroics, which only require a tank that doesnt run 15miles into the dungeon pulling while the healer is on loading screen of the dungeon.

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    Commander Skipvale, Erudax and his eggs, Vally's random cone of doom, Venoxis maze, Stay of execution and other fun mechanics.. I vote Cata. Shame that they were ended so abruptly after an unrelated subscription drop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcstunner View Post
    wotlk was the best imo. go in, fuck around a bit, leave. simple, easy, and perfect. a game shouldn't be frustrating, it should be something you do to chill, and that's what wrath heroics were.
    Exactly and that's the reason why I dislike LFD and LFR and boring, too easy dungeons because those are frustrating as hell! I rather just play with friends or people with similar views/goals in dungeons that require more strategy and teamplay.

    Ontopic... Pfff hard choice. They are just so different. I personally had the most fun in TBC heroics but that could also be for other reasons than just good dungeons.

    In MoP we don't have heroics. Those are just normal dungeons. Little bit interesting at first but already boring AoEfests after the second or third time and after people got some gear it is thank you.
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    TBC were my favourite, but as we found in Cata - Heroics that difficult don't work with LFG...

    But as an 'Era' TBC 5 mans worked brilliantly, you often played with friends or guildies and the hard content was less stressful - Hard content now turns into a bitchfest and a vote kick - there is never any "what can we do to fix this", just someone gets blamed and kicked, or the group disbands...

    I found MoP Heroics about right at launch, they weren't an AoE breeze like WOTLK heroics were, but not so hard that groups were disbanding left right and centre like the start of Cata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cattlehunter View Post
    but still doing enough threat to every other mob to not just keep any aoe from pulling, but also to keep the healer from pulling just from healing my ass... and with such a limited toolbox; no real aoe threat, no ranged attacks, melee range taunt... it sure was a different experience from today.
    I was a resto shaman (OP!) during TBC. (Yes nostalgia inc). I remember getting agro from healing in Karazhan, that was fun :P. And when we (prot warrior friend and me) tried pulling those huge groups of mobs in shattered halls without CC. I had to wait 5 seconds with healing or I would get agro and die so we had to figure out how to reduce incoming damage on him. Took us a few wipes .

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    TBC no question, but that will never happen ever again as long as LFG is around , they ruined this part of the game since wotlk, they tried at the start of Cata to bring heroics at a similar difficulty as TBC but that's impossible with groups that que in an automatic grouping system.

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    BC, nice variety, not faceroll, rep rewards + badges + drops gave you compelling reasons to do them.

    and the drops... they are still the most farmed instances for transmogging some of those sweet ass drops...

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    I voted TBC this due to the simple fact that you needed a brain to survive the damn things, if you didn't know how to CC or hold threat you wiped plain and simple.
    Wrath would be my second choice this due to the enviroment and the ease of dragging my alts through them for gear and JP
    After the 5 man nerf in Cata well Cata didn't have any 5 mans anymore
    MoP has 5 mans?????? Sorry but 5 mans to me should take longer then 5-10 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistahwilshire View Post
    MoP changed the gearing treadmill a bit and 5mans are further down the line now so they're sensibly easier.
    Further down the line? Players do them throughout the whole expansion because of gear resets.
    They basically reward you with legendary items (obtain 3000 valor points).

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    I'd say Vanilla. In vanilla they felt serious till the very end. Especially with the t0,5 stuff and the very low % of raiders those days made them likely the most important content. And there were some dungeons like BRD, BRS & DM who were especially rewarding to those, who knew how those dungeons worked.

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    Vanilla. Where's that option in the poll?

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    TBC was my golden era for 5 mans

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    I liked the TBC 5-mans the most, but I also enjoyed the Cataclysm ones. WotLK dungeons were largely too mindless from the get-go to compete. I do like the addition of challenge modes in MoP even if the normal 5-man aren't very exciting and I'm not a fan of time trials.

    Vanilla had the best dungeon crawling 5-mans. They were also great, though for a different reason.

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    I actually like dungeons which require communication/teamwork eg "wait for patrol to reach the far corner" or "LoS pull - wait around the corner" or "sheep moon, sap star, trap square" etc. so probably TBC as LFD put an end to any necessity for teamwork.

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    WotLK HCs PRE LFG, me and my mates used to have a routine we used to do everyday which took us around Northrend, PvPing was fun too :P
    The TBC era came CLOSE second, the HCs were hard and gearing in them felt meaningful. Whilst ALL Cataclysm era were the total opposite, easy, short and gearing in them felt like a chore, as if we should of just gotten the gear for free. Not a good place for wow at all.

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    In terms of layout/design? Vanilla. I like when dungeons are, well, dungeons instead of hallways.

    In terms of loot and rewards? I dunno, wrath?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly33 View Post
    I think that ZA/ZG was the best 5 man dungeons made
    More like, "5 man dungeon RE-made". I miss the older versions in place of those two. I firmly believe the heroics can't hold a candle to the raid versions.

    Quote Originally Posted by lopk View Post
    Certainly WotLK. BC's were too frustrating, Cata's were just boring to me (I honestly don't have a better argument), and MoP didn't have any 5 mans. Did it? Oh yeah, it had like 4. :\
    I agree with this.

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    even thou i loved the difficulty of tbc dungeons, the encounters were pretty bad, it was only good because it was hard (like most things in vanilla/tbc..)

    i think cata had the best 5man dungeons.. and while our guildgrps zerged throu them like nothing, i had plenty of fun with my healer alt, the bad grps were always the funniest, (there is nothing more boring then a grp with an immortal dk tank that doesnt need any heals :P)

    if i were to rate the heroic it be something like tbc=cata>vanilla>wrath>mop (the difficulty of mop heroics is a slap to the face.. might aswell give us bots so we can go and have a coffee while the dungeons complete themselves)

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