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    Dark Animus Heroic

    Hi there everyone. I'm posting here on behalf of my guild who started progressing on Dark Animus Heroic last night. As we understand it that boss has been a bit of a wall this tier with most guilds struggling with him somewhat so we weren't expecting to get a kill in one night ofc!

    There isn't a hell of a lot of information around about ways to tackle this boss so I was wondering if anyone here could take a look at our logs and give us any pointers or at least tell us if we are headed in the right direction. Practice makes perfect maybe?

    Our raid comp is

    Blood DK
    Prot Pala
    Resto sham
    Resto druid
    Frost mage
    Demo lock
    Enh sham

    So here is the strat we have been trying to work with.

    Blood DK picks up the boss and one small golem
    Prot pala picks up 3 small golems and kills them into a massive asap
    Our 5 DPS each kill one small golem into a broken large (kitty takes a healers golem after his own and also puts into broken large)
    Pala fills the massive up with 9 golems as fast as possible
    Blood then taunts massive and tanks along with boss and his own small golem
    Pala activates second massive and fills with 9 more smalls
    During all of this we have our enh shaman full time on boss breaking anima rings for the tank while all other dps help the pala to kill golems to fill up the massives.
    We don't use any real strategy for dealing with matter swaps we simply communicate to ensure it doesn't swap a tank (although once or twice it did and wiped us!)

    So in around 37 pulls last night our very best attempt saw the boss @ 37% when he berserked but we had a few dead. Its my understanding that using this strategy we have 119 seconds to fill the two massives. Is there any tips you can give to help us do that faster? Maybe have our enh helping kill adds too and a healer breaking the anima rings for the tank? We also considered kitty using heart of the wild to tank and fill the other massive for 45 seconds then have our blood taunt it from him when it wears off and have pala and dk swap massives when the first is full iykwim? Dont know how viable that would be though.

    I think usually damage taken from anima font is pretty good so I'm not too worried about that but if there's anyone consistently taking a lot of damage from it I'm not sure?

    Anyway any advice or tips on this boss would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


    EDIT - to save you the time of going through so many logs if its easier our longest attempt was try 36.. a lot of our wipes last night were caused by random tank deaths due to chaining adds through eachother, positional errors I guess and sometimes random large golems becoming active. Crimson wake is painful!
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    To start with, there is no reason to bring 3 healers with your current gear level. Swap out one of the healers for another dps or tank. We did it with 3 tanks so we had one one the boss and then 2 tanks picking up adds on both sides which makes it a lot easier (and faster). I can link you a couple pictures for our raid comp and what we did in different situations. Also one of our tanks had like 520 ilvl and we just had him tank the boss. That was np.

    gyazo . c om/ f29302ea631d4e5f10da837f92cfa857

    Here as you can see the blue circles are the healers and the purple circles are the tanks. Both tanks take all the inactives on their sides + the one on the healers. The right tanks also picks up the middle inactive to make it so both have 9. On the spots where there are 2 active small ones that have to be killed we have 2 dps and where there is only one + 1 inactive we have 1 dps. On the spots where there are 2 dps you both get aggro from one of them and then you both nuke down one asap so one of the dpsers can go do other important stuff (soaking anima ring, being max range for swap). This way we had our rogue help on adds while still being in time for the anima ring. Also dont be afraid to pop a lot of dps cooldowns to kill the adds fast, you will only use them once more and that is during bloodlust so there is no reason to save them.

    Here is one more with basically the same principle.
    gyazo . com /ea5658622e89aba1b1d6c94667ad1d59

    I hope it helps!
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    My guild are also having a few issues with this fight. we're up to 69 wipes so far. We haven't really got lower than 50%. Here are our logs from last night.


    Our available comp is,

    Prot Pala
    Prot War
    Guardian Druid

    Resto Sham
    Holy Pala
    Resto Druid

    Ele Sham
    Feral Druid (Guardian spec from tanks)

    Our main issue last night seemed to be tank deaths, due to bad positioning, or activation of large golems, or just not being quick enough at filling up the two massives. Would it likely be better to try 3 tanking and 2 healing as opposed to 2 tanking 2 healing?

    And should we ensure that the adds are done first before starting on the boss, as atm, generally its just me that helps with filling up the adds while everyone else is pummeling the boss.

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    If you are killing this in 10man do the zerg tactic http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topi...us-zerg-strat/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokal View Post
    If you are killing this in 10man do the zerg tactic http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topi...us-zerg-strat/
    The zerg tactic is tougher than the normal one imo, and requires more gear etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oggyowl View Post
    The zerg tactic is tougher than the normal one imo, and requires more gear etc.
    yeah but lets be fair a lot of guilds killed DA during progression with sub 530 gear. I know we had like 526-527 when we killed it and we were still like 10-15 sec ahead of enrage on first kill. most guilds now have 535+ if not 540+.
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