View Poll Results: What was the greatest 5-man Era?

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  • Burning Crusade Heroics

    431 46.70%
  • BC Heroic Magister's Terrace

    60 6.50%
  • WOTLK Heroics

    137 14.84%
  • WOTLK Icecrown Heroics

    109 11.81%
  • Cataclysm Heroics

    153 16.58%
  • Cataclysm End Time Heroics

    20 2.17%
  • MoP Heroics

    13 1.41%
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    The Burning Crusade 5 man Heroics no doubt.

    Do I smell hate aroma?!?

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    TBC heroic for sure. I remember my 5h alcatraz run and after finishing we were so proud.

    TBC = the toughest expansion = best expansion

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    Poll misses vanilla 5 man.

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    Hardest doesn't mean the best necessary. Imo TBC heroics were just frustrating and boring but it's just me. Voted for WotLK HCs =)
    Quitting WoW is very similar to quitting smoking.

    Easier then most people think, the hard part is not coming back a few weeks later.

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    Bt far BC heroics until the nerf a month and half into the xpac. I also liked vanilla scholo and strath live/dead sides, not doing them as a 10 man but as a 5 man as they were intended for release.

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    Vanilla. That was the only time they were ever 'difficult' (relatively speaking to the rest of the expansions) and interesting.

    TBC was awful with the hub style repetitive crap. Wrath was too easy. Cata is a solid 2nd place for how the heroics started initially though that changed. MoP changed the gearing treadmill a bit and 5mans are further down the line now so they're sensibly easier.

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    People who were in a strong raiding guild in TBC usually go for TBC, because they usually already had raid drops so they could handle the mobs. The amount of trash in them was insane. And people complain about trash these days. It wasn't uncommon for a PUG to wipe 3-5 times of the first to trash packs until the heals and tanks realized they needed to go raid in order to get through those initial trash packs.

    Alot of people back in BC used to say 5-mans, Raid, THEN Heroic 5-mans, THEN next tier of raids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly33 View Post
    Also you seem to be have a very biased memory, and of course as always, people only remember WotLK heroics for what they were in the end of the expansion, not the beginning. The only bad thing about the WotLK heroics was that the bosses health in comparison to players dps was a bit lower. It could have been higher to make longer fights.
    Nope, really. While I concur that at the beginning HCs were not that easy, Cata HCs were just harder by miles. I'm not saying "too hard" or "more challenging", just harder to run in green gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strangewayes View Post
    Alot of people back in BC used to say 5-mans, Raid, THEN Heroic 5-mans, THEN next tier of raids.
    TBC heroics where brutal - but i think you went a bit to far there buddy. Definitely didn't need raid gear to complete.

    TBC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cata>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MoP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wrath of the babies

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    It depends what you're looking for, the best dungeons in terms of content is by far the wrath dungeons. I really miss pulling the entire thrash pool before each boss and aoe them together with boss where it was possible of course, that and the quality of the dungeons where very good.
    BC dungeons weren't that hard, but people remember it that way because the classic dungeons where pretty easy after being farmed for so long and it was a huge leap from lets say old school Scholomance and blood furnace. (well UBRS last boss was pretty nasty since you had to kite him so the rest killed adds).

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    i liked the WotLK ones especially the release ones. except a few you could all do them in 1 massive chain pull as a tank.

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    I hated the TBC heroics, because it was impossible to get groups.
    "Looking for DPS with CC, pref rogue, mage or hunter"
    My warrior was so nerfed pve wise in TBC, the only way I could have some fun was doing arenas with my stormherald and mace spec.
    Also, the 5-mans in the netherstorm area had uninteresting lore, terrible mobs, and were too hard. I remember we always skipped one of those fire-belf bosses in one of them.

    Regarding MOP, I only like the Scarlet/scholomance remakes. Every dungeon in Pandaria sucks, especially the brewery, which is the worst dungeon in history.

    I think I liked the Wotlk ICC ones best, because I love the lore, it had a good difficulty for non-raiding characters and the loot was good.
    The last 5-mans in Cata was kinda the same way. Kinda interesting lore, a bit easy maybe, but great loot.
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    Vanilla was fun to some extent because everything was new, but tbh they weren't anything to jump in the ceiling for. I would rate Vanilla dungeons fairly low.

    TBC, now were talking. Levelling from 60 to 70 and doing some Heroics with guildies was absolutely prime time of 5 mans in WoW. As a Warlock back then I was having to Seduce and using fear with recklessness to cancel the fear to not pull another pack, then fear again. Was a lot of fun. It felt structured. You had the "hubs" with 3 dungeons connected to them. And the attunements, doing Black Morass in terrible gear was no joke. All in all superb 5 man content.

    Wotlk, was okay the first day you might die here and there in greens and quest rewards blues. After you have gotten 3-4 pieces of dungeon loot they become faceroll and I never cared for them again. Architecture/lore was decent. Was abit better with the ICC 5 mans though.

    Cata, Was decent at the start, moderately challenging but after getting a few pieces of gear and they became a non-thing fast aswell.

    MoP, is there even heroics these days? I might have done a couple of them don't remember the names.

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    No Classic?
    5man Dungeons were a big part of the Classic Content. Because Items were so different (not every Item was Mainstat+Stamina+2 Secondary Stats) you even did 5man Dungeons for certain Items when already raiding BWL or AQ. They required good coordination and CC. Also because wow was still new back then the instances had a great atmsophere.

    TBC Heroics were great too... some of them were sooo hard. But you got rewarded with decent loot and Badges for Epicgear. Attunements in Heroic Dungeons were basically the first Challengemode Dungeons. Magisters terrace was also very nice.

    Wotlk Heroics were just Masspulling and Spam AoE, but the Lore/Architecture was good.
    Cataclysm Heroics were decent in the beginning. Also ZA, ZG and the Hour of Twilight 5mans were really good and i always liked doing especially ZA/ZG.
    MoP Heroics are quite lame... Challengemodes are fun but blizzard didn't make enough out of them.

    For me its:
    Classic > TBC = Cataclysm > MoP > Wotlk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrowwind View Post
    TBC heroics where brutal - but i think you went a bit to far there buddy. Definitely didn't need raid gear to complete.

    Hm...the trial of the Naru timed runs kinda needed raidgear (hell...they almost also needed a perfect group comp - as did other 5 mans where I as a warlock would always get benched if they could get a mage. Sheep just was OP compared to Seduction for CC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lopk View Post
    Certainly WotLK. BC's were too frustrating, Cata's were just boring to me (I honestly don't have a better argument), and MoP didn't have any 5 mans. Did it? Oh yeah, it had like 4. :\

    I know WotLK's were super easy...but is that necessarily bad?
    WotLK? Are you serious? that was teh worse era by far. All you did was run in, pull the whole place, aoe it down, next. I remember that at some point I was wathcing tv and just one hand smashing my keys around... didn't even have to check the screen.

    The best 5 men was BC and the two first weeks of Cata. Because you actually needed a BRAIN to at least CC a bit (which is the entire point of CC spells in pve), couldn't pull the whole instance like in Wrath and actually needed a bit of equipment.

    For that matter classic was also in the win way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly33 View Post
    Which heroic was ever hard at the start? Your rosetinted glasses are pinker than a pig. Some of the vanilla dungeons could be considered "hard", but that was more because terrible balance and people being new to the game. A large part of the gaming community was new to the idea of organised PvE groups. Yes, yes, there was new MMORPGs before WoW with that element, but a WoW was the first MMO for a lot of gamers so for a lot of people this was new. The WotLK heroics was not hard, but I still remember a shit ton of random groups wiping in VH, HoL, Oculus, AN, UP, Gun etc etc. The pugs wiped a lot on bosses in release, it was not hard, but then again, people say that normal raids are hard. WoWs population has problem with doing simple tasks so pretty much everything is hard.
    That's a load of crap. First off: which heroic was hard? Looks to me you've never really tried Magister's Terrace. But it's kinda true, heroics, even in TBC, weren't THAT hard, I'll give you that. They weren't hard if you used the game mechanics properly, meaning CCing every single mob you could have CC'd. Now, if you didn't use CC in TBC, you wouldn't have gotten past the first pack of trash in SH.
    And while it's true that the heroics weren't exactly hard (something Blizzard tried to duplicate with Cataclysm heroics by just making mobs do incredible amounts of damage, and failed badly) they were still the most fun dungeons ever. Part of it was due to game mechanics back then. You see, back then, if the tank died and a dps + healer were left, they could still have a decent chance to finish the encounter, be it a boss or trash. And that's really what sets TBC apart from anything else. Today if the tank dies and there's no bres, it's a plain out wipe. Back then if the tank died you'd go try hard mode and finish that last 5% on a boss.

    TBC always gets my vote simply because the mechanics back then allowed for many shenanigans. Like, for example, me tanking Solarian as a retribution Paladin just because I could! I died at like 0,5% health left but it was epic!
    My opinion is that today, at least before Mists, I haven't played MoP, the difficulty of the content comes from stuff just doing a helluva lot of damage. No more heroic warriors spamming Execute to try hard and bring down a boss alone.

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    I'll go for Wrath. They were easy enough for even the thickest player to get through them, while the optional achievements added some decent challenge for those that were looking for it.

    Personally, I'd like them to keep bumping the heroic versions up to max level each expac. We'd have over 80 available dungeons by now if they did that, rather than a pitiful 9. I detest the way that WoW just throws content away when it's done with it. The sheer amount of it is staggering but the vast majority of it is completely irrelevant.

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    I felt the original Stonecore HC was fantastic. It was just full of insta-death mechanics that tested your party and had near zero relation to gear. The bosses were great, it's a shame it got nerfed so hard a few months after release (pretty much every insta death mechanic got a few seconds added on and nerfed so it didn't 1 shot).

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    Poll should allow more than one option, now you're "forcing" me to pick BC.

    It would have been a close call between Classic, BC, T11 so I would have picked all 3 with honorable mentions to MgT and Icecrown 5mans.

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