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  • Burning Crusade Heroics

    431 46.70%
  • BC Heroic Magister's Terrace

    60 6.50%
  • WOTLK Heroics

    137 14.84%
  • WOTLK Icecrown Heroics

    109 11.81%
  • Cataclysm Heroics

    153 16.58%
  • Cataclysm End Time Heroics

    20 2.17%
  • MoP Heroics

    13 1.41%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakso View Post
    BC might be higher if it had LFD but waiting around for 2hours while a group formed only to have a tank leave when we still couldn't find a healer was not fun game play, plus no achievements which is half the reason I like 5mans in the first place.
    This for me is actually why cataclysm hcs were just terrible and TBC, without a queue, were perfect, in TBC you made a group yourself and got to do an incredibly hard challenge with the 5 of you (And not timed like the gimmicky invisibility pot Challenge mode runs, ARGH) (usually friends or guildies), was amazing with loads of chatting. But in Cataclysm you had to queue thus ending up with (even queueing with 4) a tard who could fuck up the run by you by ninjaing, ninja pulling, ninja looting, healing shitty, tanking shitty, dpsing shitty and the bigger difficulty (didn't come close to TBC though) just did not work and ended up having people hate healing them (since that's the person getting the really hard time then).

    Achievements in this game has ruined so much for me, god knows how many times I just wanted a fast dungeon run and 2 ppl from the group go "achievement on this boss pls, wipe if we fail" on one of the hardest achievements and wasting my time. What's wrong with a cool dungeon run, but I guess these uninspired instances of late need achievements to make them interessting.

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    BC heroics were absolutely the most fun and challenging. Also, just for flavor, they had the best gear models and best looking instances imo.

    Another reason the experience was more fun was that you had a regular friends list of people you went with and rarely got some random person you didn't know. You knew for sure everyone was capable and pulling their weight.

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    BC, by far. Cataclysm heroics bored me to tears, and I haven't even done the achievements for clearing all the MoP heroics (or even all the normal MoP 5-man dungeons). I enjoyed the 5-man stuff in Wrath too.

    Also, there weren't really "heroic" modes in Vanilla (aside from trying to do stuff like the 45-minute Baron run or do certain "bonus" objectives), but I enjoyed the 5-man content. I liked most of the really long 5-man dungeons that everyone else hated (Dire Maul, BRD, Maraudon, etc).

    BC was my favorite time in WoW overall, but I think that's mostly because my guild was at its strongest back then, and most of my best friends in game were still actively playing. We did everything together then, and I rarely had to pug anything.

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    There will never be a better 5-man than Magister's Terrace.

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    If we talking about dungeons so was it vanilla for me. Those 15m ubrs runs which took 1 hour+. I remember when that Valor chest dropped and i jumped off my chair of happiness becuse man did you spend time in those dungeons to never see a drop for you. I wonder what would make me jump off the chair in todays

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    Quote Originally Posted by sith View Post
    There will never be a better 5-man than Magister's Terrace.
    I agree to an extent, it was a really great dungeon.

    I was a bit sad that we kad to kill Kael though.

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    Magisters Terrace was a great 5-man, but I loved all the other BC ones too. I was in a very small guild at the time. We weren't capable of raiding, but we had just enough people to run all the 5-man stuff pretty regularly (as a full guild/friend group without the need for random pugs), and we had a blast doing it.

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    Vanilla and BC Heroics for the challenge. Cata Heroics started off promising but were outpaced by gear scaling too quickly. I loved the story progression aspect of End Times, but unfortunately by the time they came out, a combination of design and gear scaling had again made them /faceroll on release.

    Honestly I think the single thing hurting 5-mans the most right now is gear availability and scaling. In Vanilla and BC, there was a good chance those blues would be useful, and not just for the first month of the expansion but on an ongoing basis. You could be considered a well-geared player in half epics/half blues back then; someone in full epics was fairly rare. Now 5-man heroics exist to be run for 1-2 days until you're LFR ready, then after that they're for cheap valor and shards.

    There are other problems as well, like only having four available while leveling through Mists when they have inherently become a stepping stone. Providing the full gamut while leveling would keep the ones we get from getting too stale and provide more options while leveling. But I think the change in gear mindset that set during WotLK is the main problem.

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    It's hard to tell.

    Let's say Vanilla = BC > Early Cataclysm > dog shit > mop/wotlk/cataclysm ending

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    Granted I was just starting to learn the game back then, but 5 man heroics in Burning Crusade were the best school for raiding there ever was, and made it a fun way to spend time with guildees prior to Karazhan.

    However I assume since people didn't have access to high end raiding gear so easily that for people in Sunwell gear, they were as faceroll as were WOTLK heroics at the end of the expansion (because they weren't that easy at the beginning when you had no gear)
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    I'd have to agree with BC Heroics, I vividly remember doing shadow labs and going into that room after the first boss and dying many times for people pulling too many mobs.

    They were a challenge that was comparable to Cataclysm heroics(pre nerfs), but were more in line with the progression that people were used to from Vanilla.

    I would never want to go back to those times where heroic Arcatraz could take 2 hours to complete etc, but they were definitely fun in retrospect.

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    Honestly, I can remember high-points in every tier of heroics.. except MOP. The reason: the other tiers all gave some form of challenge to overcome. BC had the freshness of the difficulty, combined with them being the hardest dungeons ever. WOTLK heroics weren't particularly difficult, but some of the achievements with them, along with the timed event in strat, gave some unique challenges that made me enjoy the tier. Cata returned to the difficult heroics, which was very refreshing after the timid years of wotlk. MOP heroics, however, provided nothing. The dungeons were fun, but no challenge. The achievements were boring/lack luster. Challenge modes were/are amazing, but heroics need more attention in MOP.

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    Why is Magisters Terrace seperated? Doesn't make sense. TBC as a whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malist View Post
    Why is Magisters Terrace seperated? Doesn't make sense. TBC as a whole.
    Because of the sheer popularity it supposedly has.
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    The ICC Heroics that dropped the 232 gear. Mainly because they were not too tedious but not too easy, and the story was fun and the environments and bosses were great. I am biased mainly because WotLK was my fav expansion so meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choptimus View Post
    Magisters Terrace HC was a mini raid when it first came out if you weren't already raid geared. It was awesome and really well presented. Bring that back, please.

    TBC heroics in general I remember as being really awesome - and to be honest, I do miss attunements a little.
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    It's BC heroics. This shouldn't even be a debate.

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    MoP 5 mans are the best. They are diverse and offer alot of fun for the majority of the playerbase. Blizzard are constantly making improvements to the game for the good of the playerbase and the integrity of the franchise. BTW...Blizzard have recently just added a new mount to the Blizzard online store? have you guys seen it? its awesome, I bet your friends all have them simply head over to the Blizzards website... quick quick!!! only £20/$25.

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    Wrath heroics. Nothing like a 5-10min lightning speed pull-fest with a dps tank.
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