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    One shotted by spirit kings pull

    Every time I pull the first of the four spirit kings, I get one-shotted, and I dont get it. I sit at 480'ish itemlvl, and I see myself as a decent tank(prot warrior).
    Any1 else experienced this?

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    Massive Attacks — No single man or woman can stand against the brutal attacks of the Warlord King. His Massive Attacks inflicts 800,000 Physical damage, split among all enemies hit.

    Read the Journal. Either have gear or stack in front of him.

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    This happens in almost every LFR pull on Spirit Kings... Be sure to pull him towards the raid so he actually cleaves onto multiple raid members to split the damage. The raid should be stacking for this phase and should run through his legs when he does the frontal cone AoE ability.

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    Are you serious?

    Just open the dungeon journal and check the dudes abilities. Failing this open recount / skada and hover over "deaths". I do get a kick out of warriors charging in / heroic leaping and getting gibbed though.

    If you keep dieing to this and still don't know why then you aren't close to decent.

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    I am continuously baffled at the lack of preparation that people seem to do going into a raid for the first time. As a player, it is to your benefit to at minimum, read the dungeon journal. There are hundreds of videos online and a plethora of guides describing fight mechanics. Even watching one video or reading one guide would have told you all you needed to know and saved you a lot of time. Not to mention this late in the xpac....

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    this thread made me smile rofl, I think it's funnier to see it action though, tank going rambooooooooo, byebyeeeeeeeeee

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    Quote Originally Posted by panzerfar View Post
    I see myself as a decent tank(prot warrior).
    I'd really not go as far as considering myself decent if I wasn't knowing what I'm doing wrong. Autoanalysis is one of the most important things you should be able to do.
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    You'd have thought someone who is willing to make a thread on a website like Mmo-C would have the common sense to check out the abilities a boss does to you, at least before complaining about them.

    Quote Originally Posted by panzerfar View Post
    and I see myself as a decent tank(prot warrior).
    No offense OP, but really. >.>

    Not knowing what a boss does, dying to the basic fight ability, but a decent tank? I'd hate to think what a terrible tank would do!

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    hehe funy thread is funny . You should stack at the pull. You also should check your log first if this happens so often

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    I like bosses like this... and for example that bridge guy in Ulduar (Kologarn?)... basically anything that teaches the warriors that charge isn't always right. (Oh and rogues, and kitties sneaky get behind you moves as well. )

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    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuurelly this is nerd bait. Have you not been in one of my LFR alt runs son. Because I will ALWAYS tell the idiot tank who is unsurprisingly face down Aaaaagain :

    "Hey this boss has an ability where you need to face him toward the raid to split the damage son. Otherwise you need to pop a hell of a cooldown in order to survive that." (See I'm not mean, I educate... doesn't mean I'm not loosing the will to live every fucking time I have to drag an alt through this raid but...)

    Usually I get some biting remark about how he doesn't need me to tell him, and I'm taking this game too seriously, and the always classic 'It's just lfr! fucking chill out!'. Once however I did get an apologetic tank who admitted he had no idea what he was doing. He and I got along famously as I whispered him all the tactics for the remaining 2 bosses. It was like he had run heroic for months after that.
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    I've not seen a single tank not get one-shotted on spirit kings lfr for months... The first boss does about 1.3mil damage and splits his damage between everyone in a 180 degree cone in front of him, so you naturally want other people in front of him.. or you get oneshot (Minimum of 3 to survive with very low health) but the trick is the face the boss towards the raid, Dont wait for the raid to come to you, they won't do it because they are unaware of the mechanics. Pull the boss while standing inside the entire raid, dont rush towards it.

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    Before people get any more rude, I'll close this. The answer has been provided a few times in this thread.

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