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    Current state of rogues 5.3

    Hello Champions!
    As a casual pvp'er, who always have been playing rogue, I have been having a hard time defining the current state of rogues (5.3). What are rogues role in Arena (3v3) and how do they synergize in RBGs?
    - Mejenna

    Also: What do you guys think of the Shadow-pan trinket with 8.000 Agi proc?
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    The baseline proc is 8,800, but please note that in 5.3 all gear is normalized down to 496 (in the case of the SPA trinket, down from 522), which reduces the value of the proc- ADDITIONALLY that specific trinket is further nerfed to have HALF the effect, but double the duration.

    When you use this trinket open world, it will be 4,400 agility for 30 seconds versus a player. When you use it in a BG, it will be in the 3k range.

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