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    Warlock should be 90 soon (after a break) any advice?

    took a break a few months shortly after mists came out, my character was left at 88, working through the expansion.

    I'm coming back and plan to get him up to 90 and start gearing.

    Should I keep questing in expansion zones or is there somewhere else to level faster?

    Once I hit 90, where should I go to start gearing so I can get into heroics?

    Any good purples from events you guys would recommend?

    I've been out of the loop for a while and would hate to miss something cool,


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    Icy veins has lots of information that you might find useful, as well as the stickies in this forum. Noxxic is ok at best for beginners.

    Please don't create threads like this when it is apparent that you haven't actually tried looking yourself.

    The only exception is the 'missing anything cool' bit of your post, but honestly, if it were cool enough, you would probably stumble upon it before the need to even look for / Google it.

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    Thanks for the reference (I guess), I'll check out icy veins..

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