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    I would like to upgrade my video card

    my computer is a Dell inspiron 570 but i want to be able to game on it and i know i need to upgrade my psu to get a good card but could someoen help me with everything i need to upgrade the only thing changed is i have 6 gigs of ram instead of 4.

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    If you're not looking to buy a new PSU, the safest upgrade is a 7750.

    What is your budget, what is your current card and what graphics capability would you like to accomplish (game, settings, screen resolution)?
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    Alright just did some chasing here are the specs of it.

    Cpu: AMD Athlon x2 (3Ghz)
    Mobo: (unspecified FM2 socket board)
    -4 Dimm slots (ddr3 1333mhz)
    -1 PCIE x16 slot (free)
    PSU: Generic 300w unit
    HDD: Generic 1tb 7200rpm drive
    Case size: mini tower

    Some other notes, looks like only the side panel has thumb screws so depending on the mounting system for the psu (couldn't find any images with the side panel off) you may need to pull out the trusty drill to get it out, bloody rivets. Also consider the fact that case has piss poor airflow and the cpu is weak as hell for gaming.
    My honest opinion is if you looking at putting anything more than a 7750 in it just build a new rig, even with stock hardware people have had the cooling fans spin up from what I have read thus far, I would hate to see what it would do with a gpu throwing some heat out.
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