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    Maximising Horridon HC healing with stats?

    Hey guys,

    So we're currently progressing on Horridon HC and maybe our biggest concerns (except for noob deaths) is that the healers, except for me are all oom for the last phase. As this encounter is so suitable as disc, I'm obviously leading the meters by far but still I think I could push a bit more than 70k hps. My ilvl is 526 so I'm not entirely sure if I want to reforge out of spirit completely, but I just don't know how I should prio my stats with the healing cap that occurs with atonement on targets with dmg increase. So does anyone know the formula for the cap? Is there a cap on DA aswell? I kind of want to go full haste, but I might be missing something here.

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    by the sounds of it, you are running 3 healers? (or it is 25m? )

    There is so little to heal, that 70k hps sounds about right. If there is alot of damage, people are standing in stuff that the shouldnt and interupters arent interupting. The healing caps is 40% max HP if i remember correct, then mastery affects the subsequent absorb. also for the doors dispels > heals. the faster yuo dispel, the less healing needed

    if you have hybrids, ask them to pop their offhealing in sticky situations. For me i personally felt that the 2nd door (poison and bleed debuff) and 3rd door (all the damned diseases) wer the hardest

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    Atonement is capped at a 50% damage bonus from base atonement healing now. It no longer has any connection to the priest's hp. Blizzard has never even come out and say they changed it, but it definitely was changed between the first and second weeks ToT was available. So basically, the moment you smash the first door your atonement healing is capped for the rest of the fight. None of your stats are affected by this capping. Int/Crit/Mastery/Haste will all be equally effective as they are with no damage increase at all. Going oom on this fight is either poor spell selection/mana management or people are standing in too much stuff and are having to be emergency healed at low hpm, or there is too much dispeling needing to be done.

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    most of the healing on horrdion isn't actually healing so much as managing dispels and cooldowns/stacking at the very end - it's that period where you're dealing with dire and bestial calls that healing gets quite intense. where were you wiping? is this 10 or 25 and how many dispels do you have?

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