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    Immerseus and Fallen Protectors Both Ready to Live!

    Well Gear scale on 520 and really easy fights, maybe i little more easy them ToT but nice mechanics.


    Tears of the Vale - The corruption unleashed within the Vale has animated and twisted the waters of the pools, causing them to coalesce into a massive water elemental.

    Sha Bolt - Immerseus fires a Sha Bolt at every enemy, inflicting 75,000 Shadow damage to enemies within 5 yards, forming a Sha Pool at the targeted location.
    Sha Pool[/B] - Inflicts 75,000 Shadow damage every second.

    Swirl - Immerseus causes torrents of Sha-corrupted water to burst from beneath the cracks in the ground. Players that come into contact with the tainted waters will suffer 30,000 Shadow damage and be knocked away.

    Corrosive Blast - Immerseus inflicts 600,000 Shadow damage in a cone aimed at his primary target, increasing Shadow damage taken by 100% for 45 sec. Stacks.
    Seeping Sha - Coming into contact the Seeping Sha that surrounds Immerseus inflicts 100,000 Shadow damage and knocks players back.

    Split - Upon reaching zero health, Immerseus becomes unstable and bursts into a shower of Sha Puddles and Contaminated Puddles, which will attempt to reform in the pool at the center of the chamber.
    For each Sha Puddle killed and each Contaminated Puddle healed to full, Immerseus's Corruption is reduced by one. When Immerseus reaches zero Corruption, he is cleansed of the Sha taint and becomes friendly.

    Sha Puddle - When destablized, Immerseus forms one Sha Puddle for every four units of Corruption he has. Destroying a Sha Puddle before it merges back into the central pool will remove one unit of Corruption.

    Sha Residue - When a Sha Puddle is destroyed, it triggers Sha Residue, inflicting75,000 Shadow damage to enemies within 8 yards and increasing damage dealt to other Sha Puddles by 25%. Stacks.

    Contaminated Puddle - When destablized, Immerseus forms one Contaminated Puddle for every four units of Corruption that have previously been removed. Healing a Contaminated Puddle to full health before it merges back into the central pool will cause it to become Purified, and remove one unit of Corruption upon reaching Immerseus.
    Congealing - The speed of the Contaminated Puddle wanes as it increases in health.
    Purified Residue - Upon reaching full health, a Contaminated Puddle released Purified Residue, restoring 25% mana to allies within 10 yards and increasing healing done by 75%. Stacks.

    Erupting Sha - When any Puddle reaches Immerseus, it triggers Erupting Sha, which inflicts 75,000 Shadow damage to all players.

    Erupting Water - When a Purified Puddle reaches Immerseus, it triggers Erupting Water, which inflicts 30,000 Frost damage to all players.

    1: Split the room in 2 side Left <<< and Right >>> one healer in each side will be enough to anybody die.
    2: if you'll be catch by Swirl just jump to the other side, if you dont move probably died ( idk if thats intended )
    3: tank split in your side with your healer, range here is so hard. ( Disc and monk to me the best healers here, monk is more cause Revival)

    Fallen Protectors

    Desperate Measures - Upon reaching 66% and 33% remaining health, Rook Stonetoe, He Softfoot, and Sun Tenderheart call upon the spirits of their fallen allies to aid them in battle.

    Rook Stonetoe -
    Desperate Measures - Rook Stonetoe calls upon the spirits of his closest friends, which form Embodied Misery, Embodied Sorrow, and Embodied Gloom. These spirits continue their attacks against players until all three are slain.
    Corruption Shock - Embodied Gloom hurls a bolt of corrupted lightning at an enemy's location, inflicting 200,000 Nature damage to all enemies within 4 yards.
    Defiled Ground - Embodied Misery smashes the ground with fervor, inflicting 350,000 Physical damage to enemies within 7 yards of the current target. This column burns into the ground, inflicting 100,000 Shadow damage every second to enemies within 7 yards.
    Inferno Blast - Embodied Sorrow inflicts massive Fire damage at his highest threat target, dividing 1,200,000 damage among targets within 9 yards. In Heroic Difficulty, secondary targets are afflicted with Residual Burn, taking 500% increased damage from Inferno Strike for until cancelled.
    Vengeful Strikes - Rook Stonetoe enters an offensive stance, stunning his target and inflicting 34% weapon damage in a frontal cone twice per second for 3 sec.

    Corrupted Brew - Rook Stonetoe hurls a keg of Corrupted Brew at a distant target, inflicting 125,000 Shadow damage to enemies within 5 yards and slowing targets hit by 50% for 15 sec.

    Clash - Rook Stonetoe clashes against an enemy, charging each other and meeting halfway. Rook Stonetoe then immediately begins to perform Corruption Kick.

    Corruption Kick - Rook Stonetoe spins rapidly in a circle, rooting himself inflicting 150,000 Physical damage around the caster every second for 4 sec. Additionally damages nearby targets, inflicting 75,000 Shadow damage every second for 9 sec.

    He Softfoot -
    Desperate Measures - He Softfoot calls upon the spirit of his brother, forming Embodied Anglish, a manifestation that fixates upon the raid member who has the Mark of Anguish. This spirit continues to attack players until it is slain.

    Mark of Anguish - Mark of Anguish periodically inflicts 50,000 Shadow damage every second and roots the target. The Marked player gains the ability to transfer the Mark to another friendly player. Embodied Angush's gaze moves to a random target upon killing his current target.
    Lingering Anguish - Embodied Anguish's attacks inflict Lingering Anguish, increasing damage taken by Mark of Anguish by 35%. This effect stacks. A stack of Lingering Anguish is applied to all raid members when Mark of Anguish is passed to another player.

    Garrote - Traveling through the shadows, He Softfoot Garrotes the target, inflicting 80,000 Physical damage every 2 sec.

    Gouge - He Softfoot attempts to gouge the eyes of his target, incapacitating them for 6 sec and fixating on a random target until taunted. If the target is facing away, Gouge will instead knock them away a short distance.

    Master Poisoner - He Softfoot is a Master Poisoner and occasionally coats his weapons with various types of poisons. In Heroic Difficulty, Master Poisoner abilities also take effect when using Garrote or Fixate.

    Noxious Poison - He Softfoot coats his weapon in a Noxious Poison, causing successful melee attacks to create pools of poison on the ground, inflicting 75,000 Nature damage every second. These pools may be jumped over.

    Instant Poison - He Softfoot coats his weapon in an Instant Poison, causing successful melee attacks to inflict 75,000 additional Nature damage.

    Sun Tenderheart
    Desperate Measures - Sun Tenderheart calls upon the spirits of her protectors, forming Embodied Despair and Embodied Desperation. These spirits continue their attacks against players until both are slain.

    Dark Meditation - Sun Tenderheart enters a Dark Meditation, inflicting Shadow damage to all enemies every half second. Players take 35% less damage when inside her Meditative Field. Players at a distance greater than 40 yards take increased damage.

    Meditative Field - Players take 35% less damage when inside the Meditative Field.

    Manifest Emotions - Embodied Despair and Embodied Desperation focus their negative emotions, creating Sha manifestations which attack players. Any damage taken by Manifest Emotions will also be suffered by the creature that spawned them.

    Meditation Spike - Fires a bolt of dark energy that inflicts 300,000 Shadow damage upon impact to enemies within 6 yards.

    Sha Sear - Causes an explosion of Shadow magic around the target, inflicting increasing Shadow damage every second to all enemies within 5 yards around the target.

    Shadow Word: Bane - Expels a word of misery upon multiple targets, inflicting 100,000 Shadow damage every 3 sec for 18 sec. Each time this effect deals damage, it will jump to an additional target, up to a total of 3 times.

    Calamity - Calls forth a great Calamity, striking all players for 30% of their maximum health as Shadow damage. This also removes Shadow Word: Bane from all targets. Calamity increases in magnitude by an additional 10% of maximum health each addtional time it is cast.

    1- When Sun Tenderheart use your especial ability Rocktoe need to be far away from the raid, cause clash can wipe you pretty quickly.
    2- When Rocktoe use your especial ability and split, dps with personal CD like Mage - Rogue - Boomkin - Shadow Priest need to switch to Embodied Sorrow and kill him fast, cause this mob use Infernal blast at his highest threat target and this personal classes have CD to survive.
    3- When He Softfoot cast gouge just look to other side and gouge can't used on your back so you not be stunned.
    4- Shadow Word Bane can be dispeled insta and dont do any dmg on the raid.
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