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    A serious question about how WOW is constantly changing...


    I'd been meaning to make this thread for a long time but I didn't get around to it, the "Vengeance" thread on the front page was a final push.

    There's a complaint which has been going around, a general complaint that I've heard from old and new players and it is something that I personally can't understand at all.

    "I stopped playing WOW because of the constant changes, patches, have to relearn my class"

    That is basically the gist of it.

    To me, this symbolizes why I love this game. I enjoy looking at MMO's front page and seeing spell changes, new abilities added, general class changes. It requires me to be on my toes with the information and there's always a learning curve or a way to improve if you will.

    "Vengeance" is a good example but I don't want this to turn into another thread about if it's out of control or not. My opinion is simply that I enjoy that tanks are sort of a polar opposite now. It's no longer just about capping defense, worrying about threat and using your CD's at the right time.

    Now it's...what doesn't kill them, makes them stronger. Applying to both defensive and offensive capabilities.

    I like how the game is always evolving and moving forward.

    It's what keeps me interested honestly, what about you guys?
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    Same here.
    Always changing game means that I get involved more.
    Adapting is one of the fun parts for me.

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    Too much change is not good and too little isn't good either. Everyone has a personal opinion on how much is good.

    Relearning a class is not a problem for me but in my opinion they change too much. Too much focus on "balancing" for one but that is also caused by the players themselves. Spells change every week and the balance between classes stays about the same. Balance at this point is tight enough that players are not getting benched unless they are in a top 50 guild or something (guilds who go for the highest performance possible) so there is really no need to change things constantly. Maybe some class balance when a new patch comes in is enough and not every week?

    And you say evolving and moving forward but not all changes are good. I think I have disliked about 75% of the things they changed over the years but that is just my opinion. Maybe in general it's more like 10%?

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    Its too much often too soon IMO. The whole notion that blizz purports to create 'class balance' is what gets me irked. Instead of steering players to actually master their class they tend to dumb down the mechanics and skill trees to the point where choice is not really an option by making so many drastic changes during an expansion. I think the whole idea of class balance is BS. Not every class should have interrupts, CC and burst ..etc. I think personal skill in working with what you have is a better way to level the field instead of nerfing or buffing in a never ending cycle. I agree with Gillian above hat most of the changes have been overwhelmingly bad... IMO. Class balance is something that they should have pretty well worked out before expansions are launched, Its hard to understand whay they feel the need to make massive spell changes or mechanic changes to any class every patch. The main reason Im dropping my account like hot wet poo is because Blizzard has over sold transfers into Stormrage to the point where its impossible to log in in under 2 hours with the sue into the thousands... and what is blizzard doing except counting all the money they made taking transfer money.. ? Certainly not fixing the erroneous error they caused to the realm. The ability they have to go forward with changes while ignoring problems.. is the biggest issue for me. Class balance is BS response to bad players.

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    I don't mind GOOD changes to remove "bring the class, not the player" or general simplification when things are too convoluted. However, changing things for the sake of changing things or worse changing them because the devs want to force us to play a certain way, I don't like at all.
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